Professional Upskilling Platform Scaler Launches ‘Forever’ – A Lifelong Career Accelerator Program


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Upskilling platform Scaler Academy has launched ‘Forever’, a unique subscription-based upskilling program for tech professionals.

According to a press statement, the Forever program has been designed on continuous learning and mentoring principles, essential to remaining relevant to the industry and lifelong career growth.

The Forever program provides mentoring, guidance, and support sessions with leading tech professionals that allow members/learners to make better career decisions. It also offers career and skill development cohorts that encourage in-depth and high-quality learning of topics, upcoming technologies, and networking opportunities like group classes, access to an exclusive community of motivated technology professionals. The program also provides engagement with industry peers and leaders via regular events such as AMAs and fireside chats.

Talking about the program, Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder, Scaler and InterviewBit, said,

“We at Scaler have been continuously focusing on creating opportunities for our learners’ community which will help them in career growth and professional success. Forever is one such initiative which aims to make learning a lifelong affair rather than a one-time event. With technology changing dynamically and many skills becoming redundant, tech professionals must upskill themselves regularly to stay relevant in the industry and progress in their careers. Further, it’s not just the skillset alone but also mentoring and networking that equally matters in advancing one’s career as one climbs up the ladder. Considering all this, we have designed a rigorous community-focused learning program that seamlessly integrates with learner’s daily life and provides opportunities to learn, connect, collaborate, and network with industry peers and leaders. The program structure of Forever is based on Scaler’s underlying concepts – collaborative learning and mentorship, and is an outcome from interaction with 30 technology leaders and 50 renowned senior engineers.”

Forever program also provides access to all Scaler masterclasses, hackathons and coding/programming competitions to fine-tune and build technical skills.

Arnav Gupta, Product and Strategy Lead, Scaler, added,

“We are excited to announce the launch of first-of-its-kind subscription-based upskilling program Scaler Forever. The Forever program is an amalgamation of industry-focused learnings, community, and mentoring designed exclusively for working tech professionals who want to continue advancing in their careers. From short-term courses to hackathons, masterclasses to workshops, mentoring sessions to networking opportunities, all the elements required to progress in one’s career are bundled under this program and comes as a single subscription. With our unique initiatives like this to enable limitless learning and collective career growth, Scaler is all set to become a metaverse for technology learning.”

Scaler’s user base has grown 5X from the previous financial year and 4X from the last quarter. The startup has 8,000 active learners on its platform, while the parent company InterviewBit has over 2 million registered users. Scaler & InterviewBit are confident of closing this fiscal year with $40 million ARR, according to a statement.

Scaler Academy has recently introduced an outcome-focused Data Science and Machine Learning program to offer courses beyond core software engineering and strengthen its offerings. The company had also recently acquired the New Delhi-based live programming courses platform Coding Elements.

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