20 Companies Offering Digital Internships And Gigs To College Students


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While balancing schoolwork, family, personal health, social activities and a job, many students wonder if opting for an internship while in college is worthwhile. Internships, however, can come with a range of unique benefits, particularly for college students.

One key to acquiring all that internships offer is choosing a quality internship that provides experience and opportunities relevant to students’ interests and career goals. Students can learn how vital internships are and find better programs to help them find the best practical experience. Offline or online, there are tons of placements available for college students, but the choice of a quality curriculum that fits their academic and professional goals can be overwhelming.

There are several popular online internships portals where students can search and land suitable internship opportunities catering to their demands. Let us check them out!


Internshala is no lesser than a treasure when it comes to an internship. It is one of the most prominent internships providing platforms in India. Apart from being a user-friendly website, Internshala provides a plethora of internship opportunities.

Furthermore, It helps students answer their questions about learning opportunities through internships and helps pave the way in the right direction is Internshala.

Internshala has changed the ad-hoc culture surrounding internships, especially in India and is cashed upon as one of the most sought-after names to do an internship in digital marketing. The platform also plays the role of a mentor and affectionate senior who believes in guiding the individuals to reveal their hidden potential. Another best thing, Internshala specializes in paid internships only. 


Another popular internship platform, LetsIntern, provides exciting and encouraging internship opportunities. Being an all-in-one platform, LetsIntern caters to the needs of students and colleges and delivers exceptional internship solutions to various companies. It is a well-framed website that offers interactive and meaningful internship opportunities, especially digital marketing learning opportunities.

It offers internships based on location, skills and even type. The social interaction of LetsIntern is pretty high, and they are profoundly very active on social media.


Twenty19 is an internship platform that gives students access to many opportunities and internships precisely offered by the companies.The platform readily provides lucrative digital marketing internship opportunities to students and working professionals by providing a platform to connect for internships and projects. Moreover, the interns get the favourable chances to partake and gain practical exposure, thus adding skills and enhancing their profile. Their list of internships is unique in both quantity and quality aspects. Apart from providing internship opportunities, they also give various upcoming events and offer unique workshop opportunities. The twenty19 internship is purely a free portal for both students and colleges, which has a range of student opportunities like projects, tech-fests, scholarships, business plan contests, cultural and symposiums, conferences, volunteering opportunities, summer internships, etc.


HelloIntern is no less than a blessing for students who are just embarking on their journey to build a profitable career. The application offers the applicants the choice to intern with big companies, startups and even non-profit organizations.

This user-friendly platform offers internships in India and worldwide, making it one of the leading internships providers in the nation. Considering the rising popularity of digital marketing, they are entirely focused on providing the best digital marketing internship services to ensure that individuals are confident to enter this highly cluttered and competitive environment.

HelloIntern provides exceptional mentoring services, thereby building talents so that the freshers are developed into successful professionals. Moreover, by providing promising interns, it fosters the growth and development of various startups. 

Make Intern

Established with the primary objective of developing the individual’s potential to the fullest to help them emerge as exceptional professionals, MakeIntern offers the best opportunities to students by connecting them to professionals for an internship. The platform focuses on providing the best internship, especially in digital marketing; it also gives the students a perfect platform to hone their skills through workshops and online learning.

Make Intern looks forward to providing summer training in Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Crypto Currency, Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship. It provides internships based on type (office, virtual and campus), categories (marketing, sales, graphics, web designing, digital marketing), locations (Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune etc) and industries (real estate, electronics, communications etc). 


The company lets you Gamify Learning, Engagements, and Hiring while connecting you with students, professionals, educators, and other learners. The platform has everything from full-time to part-time to virtual, work-from-home jobs, internships & projects from global companies, SMEs & startups. It allows student interns to create and participate in intellectual gamified engagements like Hackathons, Innovation and Case Challenges, Hiring Challenges, Quizzes, Business Simulations, etc. Real-time helps them learn new skills, showcase their talent, gain CV points, and eventually get recognized, rewarded, and hired.

The internship provided helps companies engage with students, professionals, and employees in the most interactive way to discover, measure, and hire the best talent. Also, it fulfils their objectives linked to employer branding, hiring, innovative crowdsourcing ideas, employee engagements, and learning. 


Noida based Ed-Tech startup, KaroStartup has emerged as a one-stop platform for students’ training, guidance, and placements. With over 1,00,000 active users, more than 700 partners and 75 recurring clients on board, Karo Startup enabled us to reach 350-400 new users every day. The platform revolutionizes the culture of internships in India, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. 

KaroStartup links up with Degree Colleges, Institutions throughout Bharat to provide internships according to their choice and location. Their mission is to provide a platform for all early-stage startups to hire considerable talents across India.

The algorithm provides students with rewards by engaging more and more to the company’s content, which helps them apply 1000+ companies in one single button, helping to acquire arrangements with companies and accelerate their chances of getting placements.

Karo Startup also allows students to attend live event seminars, guest lectures, create virtual job fests and take live interviews for fresher placement.


Another popular platform, Glassdoor, the job/internship finder, helps users compare salaries, reviews, benefits, interview questions and employee satisfaction to other companies. Also, it allows users to see which companies are hiring and what it is like to work from past reviews by former employees. It also enlists some of the interview questions asked to former employees.

Glassdoor has a student-only facility called Glassdoor for Students. The best job search resource for starting their new career. It also helps find internships and entry-level jobs/internships based on user previous searches, interests and level of education. It also lets users find opportunities based on research salaries, companies, career paths and prep for interviews.


InternJobs has a ton of internships and entry-level jobs for college students and recent graduates; most of them are paid. All the opportunities posted to give a chance to earn as little as $15 per hour. Potential interns can search the database with any keyword they are interested in and make money through them. Build your resume and learn simultaneously.


Finding an internship proves to be complicated. However, when a site like InternQueen makes users feel and sound like royalty, it may be a little bit better. InternQueen was created to make a personalized process for college students and recent grads to connect with internship and career opportunities. No need to settle for summer internships anymore. The platform helps to achieve the dream internship. By researching a general topic, marketing or psychology, students can visit the website and see dozens of opportunities for an internship. Businesses can also post job listings, so it is a two-way street.


CoolWorks is just as cool as its name suggests. This is a job finder portal whose main objective is to provide fearless and travel lovers opportunities. Kelcy Fowler, a CoolWorks employee, said, “CoolWorks is kind of a magical rabbit hole or hidden passageway. It is an opportunity to go to a new place, to meet somebody else, to be somebody else—or even to do better, continue to discover whom we want to be in an exciting environment.” 

At national parks, sports centres and many more, CoolWorks believes that candidates should have a job they enjoy while challenging each other at the same time. Users can search a keyword on their websites, such as a specific state or national park. They can find dozens of different opportunities that appear and apply directly through the website. Most of the opportunities are entry-level; however, these jobs can lead to a career-oriented trajectory.


Known as the “LinkedIn for college students,” it was launched in 2014. Handshake connects students to a wealth of career and internship opportunities. It lets students apply for positions in startups at Fortune 500 companies. To access Handshake, internship applicants need an e-mail address related to a registered college, making it exclusive to students and recent graduates. With more than 17 million users and paired with more than 1,000 universities across the country, the use of Handshake almost guarantees students a placement somewhere.

Conduira Online

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Conduira Education and Training Services Pvt Ltd, a leader in offline test- prep, training thousands of students every year in the areas of Job Training, Study Abroad (Graduate (GRE) and Under-graduate (SAT)), MBA in India besides others. The company aims at helping students in up-skilling to make them employable and placement ready through its Skill-development and Recruitment Training courses and internships. Internships from companies of all sizes – startups, mid-sized companies, large home-grown companies and MNCs, are available on this platform. 


YouTern, an easy-to-use portal, requires its users to fill out a personal profile and later send it to mentors and help them get hired by the company as an intern or employee. Although the concept seems unusual initially, the internship opportunities start rolling in once you discover how to navigate the site. Using Youtern’s job search feature and their many tips and blogs, students are likely to end successful internships in no time.

Global Experiences

Global Experiences provides internships that students pay for instead of being paid, a relatively unorthodox approach to obtaining an internship. A huge advantage that stands out through participation in these internships allows students to gain real-life work experience in a foreign city. London, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, Florence, Milan, Shanghai, and Sydney are to explore.

Visiting one of them gives students fantastic networking opportunities. Although the price of $6,000 to $10,000 per internship can frighten students away from world experiences. Many schools like USC and Arizona State collect tabs for anyone accepted into the program. 

Internship Finder

Internshipfinder.com helps interns find jobs with hundreds of internship options and potential jobs. In addition to this, the site contains a constantly up-to-date list of some of the best internships available in the country. Internship Finder is excellent— once students create their account, they have access to pages upon pages of internship opportunities. The platform also provides various amenities, including advice on creating a resume or writing a cover letter. Additionally, it teaches users how to master the interview process for internships and jobs.

Work at a Startup

As the name suggests, Work at a Startup helps students land up to internship opportunities available in a startup, as many students prefer gaining experience in a startup company before moving on to work under a large corporation.

The application process is fairly simple compared to the others on this list: fill in one application form, and the website will match the internship seeker with the right startup companies based on their skills and background. However, one is interested in virtually interning for a specific company on the website, they can apply directly.

So if you are looking for virtual internships in marketing, full-stack engineering, business development, or even biotech, check out work at a Startup. 


LinkedIn, a popular social media website designed for professionals, was founded, keeping it in mind as a business alternative to Facebook. Moreover, it also doubles as one of the best internship websites in India.

The platform allows college students to search for internships and help construct a wholesome profile shared with professional contacts. LinkedIn uses this method of connections to build friends on your profile. Once students are well connected on the website, they might even receive faster updates about internships.

To find internship opportunities, students can search for internships on the home page. They can even refine their search using other keywords like ‘digital marketing internships’, ‘radio internships’. They can specify the location as well and get a list of companies in certain areas.

Another best thing, once they find a company meeting their requirement, it will display how many of their connections are associated with the company and thus can help secure an internship.


If students are looking for an internship in a non-profit organization, then Idealistt.com is the perfect website. Their slogan is “we connect the idealists with possibilities of action,” which is precisely what it does – finally, some truth in advertising. Students can easily search for internships based on their area of focus or spoken language, whether they are paid or unpaid.


Indeed.com is an excellent platform for finding fantastic internship opportunities. With only two blank spaces to fill in, what and where finding internships takes less than a minute. That is it. Indeed.com also gives users the option to upload their resumes for employers to read; they can contact them if they fit a position they seek.

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