5 EdTech Apps That Are Making Learning Math Easier


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Remember the maths “guide” book from the good old school days? The one which always solved our doubts by explaining each and every step with minute details.

In 2021, we have different apps which are helping students in a better way, where they can click their doubts and instantly can get the solution. Today, you can choose from learning tools that help you track formulae and learn algebra, to apps that let you solve equations by simply pointing to the camera.

Here is the list of 5 apps that are making learning math easier.


The mission of {igebra.ai}:math++ is to “Nurture Joyful, SMart & Intelligent kids who can dream more, learn more, do more and become more”.The team brings 25+ years of education and technology experience with a strong belief that “math+ data + AI thinking” with {Coding}- art & intelligence supported by “ I5 SMart Learning”, a brain reward Learning methodology truly brings great freedom of thinking and joy to kids connecting dots of solutions to world’s toughest problems. The Passion and purpose are to inspire the curiosity and passion in the minds of kids so that they can be leaders and co-founders of future technology startups with a solid foundation of art & Intelligence – both natural & Artificial.

Lido Learning

Lido’s top-notch tutors & small classes with a maximum 6:1 student to teacher ratio ensure that every child gets personal attention & a safe learning environment. Our classes are tailored to ensure a deep understanding of concepts, building practical skills & applying them in the real world, so that children thrive in school & beyond. Our live online classes cover Maths, Science, English, and Coding, for students from KG to 10th grade. Lido is the best solution for your child. For the best learning experience, a student needs face-to-face interaction with rockstar teachers, interactive content, and a personalised platform. Lido combines these three in its classroom for the 21st century, which is guaranteed to improve results.


Cuemath is a global after-school math and coding program for K-12 classes. It is powered by an adaptive learning platform, interactive visual simulations, and the guidance of a LIVE teacher. Cuemath has impacted the lives of 200K+ students across 20+ countries and has been backed by investors like CapitalG, Sequoia Capital, LGT Aspada, Falcon Capital to name a few. The curriculum which has been developed by experts from Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, and IIT adapts to each child’s cognitive skills. Learning outcomes are further bolstered by the guidance of dedicated, trained, and certified Cuemath tutors who cue children to the answer instead of telling them – a method that enhances long-term recall and application of concepts.


Their unique curriculum is built on BIDE, STEAM, and Bloom’s taxonomy model for enhancing cognitive, logical and computational skills. Combined with practical projects, it makes learning not only informative but also fun for the children. Codingal sees to it that every child is clear with each concept before moving on to the next, even if it means providing an extra class. Codingal ensures that every child is clear with each concept before moving on to the next, even if it means providing an extra class.


Countingwell wants to solve maths anxiety among middle school (Classes 6-8) students. The mobile-based maths solution offers after-school learning modules aligned with the CBSE and NCERT curriculum. Countingwell has designed daily 20-minute ‘maths workouts’ to minimise screen-time and deliver maximum learning outcomes. The micro-learning modules keep students focused and their interest levels high, thus preventing drops in engagement rates.

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