78% Professionals Want Employers to Upskill Them for Hybrid Work: Harappa’s Hybrid Readiness Survey


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Harappa, India’s leading online institution for behavioral skilling, today shared the findings of their Hybrid Readiness Survey (HRS) 2022. HRS 2022 was conducted to gain insights into the most crucial “Thrive Skills” (i.e, cognitive, social, and behavioral skills) that professionals must be equipped with in order to advance in their careers.

The pandemic has completely changed the future of work, making it clear that hybrid workplaces are here to stay. To be effective and productive contributors in the hybrid workplaces of the future, professionals will need to evolve an essential set of cognitive, social, and behavioral skills to navigate ever-new challenges. HRS 2022 sheds light on the upskilling needs of working professionals, with 78% of the 300 respondents saying that their organizations should invest in programs to help them become work-ready in the hybrid world.

The survey uncovered the changing learning priorities of professionals in the workplace, both as individuals and as managers and leaders. Respondents across career stages—from CXOs to team members—agreed that skillful teamwork is their number one priority followed by taking ownership and learning agility. Fostering trust, collaborative orientation, and productive delegation are the top skills that the respondents seek in their leaders, reads a press statement.

Shreyasi Singh, Co-founder & CEO, Harappa, said:

“The sudden switch in workplaces was confusing to navigate, but now that we have had the time to settle in, there is a need for working professionals to re-calibrate skill sets to make the most out of this new way of working. At Harappa, the mission of helping professionals thrive across career cusps and dynamic workplaces remains core to our operations. The insights of this survey have helped us decode the direction in which we must lead this recalibration.”

The participants in the survey were a diverse set of professionals at different stages of their career journey, spanning industries like pharmaceutical, IT, automobile, finance, education, etc. 41% of the respondents were working fully remote, 37% were working in a hybrid setting, and only 22% reported to be fully back in the office.

Harappa has recently launched its tailored upskilling program for hybrid workplaces with two self-paced courses: Leading Others and Managing the Hybrid Workplace. Leveraging Harappa’s unique and time-tested Thrive Skill pedagogy, the program strives to help organizations prepare their leadership for the hybrid workforce and drive stronger business outcomes with remote teams. The program includes 10 hours of interactive learning content, pre- & post-assessment, six transformative learning outcomes, and much more.

Founded in 2018, Harappa is a learner-centered institution of the future that is committed to delivering programs that drive transformative career success using Thrive Skills—an essential set of cognitive, social, and behavioral skills to enable individuals to continuously succeed at every stage of their career. Harappa has partnered with more than 150 corporate and campus clients and has enabled 400,000 learners to thrive for life.

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