After-school Learning Platform for Kids SuperLearn Raises $300k in Pre-Seed Funding


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SuperLearn, an after-school learning platform for children, has recently announced that it has raised $300,000 in its pre-seed funding round from early-stage Japanese VC Incubate Fund and a few angel investors including Vishal Bharghav, Rohit Razdan, Padmanabhan Thangarajan, Anuraag Gupta, and Karan Talwar.

The startup said that it plans to use the fresh capital to deepen its product offering by introducing structured programs, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities, and onboard new users to its platform.

Founded in December 2020 by BITS Pilani alum Kunal Bhatia and SRCC and NMIMS alum Ricky Gupta, SuperLearn offers webinar-format classes on a wide range of life skills activities, extra-curricular, and hobby classes, including art, craft, dance, yoga, storytelling, calligraphy, chess, Vedic maths, GK, general awareness, English, science, and money management among others. The startup claims to have built a community of 40,000 mothers whose kids attend their classes every day.

Speaking about the platform, Kunal Bhatia, Co-founder of SuperLearn, said,

“Despite it being obvious that access to affordable quality education is still a challenge for parents and kids in India, there still seems to be no apt solution. We are solving this by building internet-scale classrooms through which every child can learn in a live class directly from the best educators in their respective fields. Our vision is to provide millions of children with access to affordable, high-quality education across a range of hobbies, co-curricular activities, and life skills. Our freemium offering will enable kids to explore a range f such activities to discover and develop their potential while having fun.”

SuperLearn claims that children have cumulatively consumed over 4.5 million minutes of learning on the platform, and their live classes have been attended over 300,000 times.

Co-founder Ricky Gupta said many parents came to them requesting to conduct workshops on a variety of skills that aren’t taught in school, which led them to build an all-in-one after-school learning platform for kids.

Commenting on the investment, Nao Murakami, Founder and General Partner of Incubate Fund India said,

“Accessibility of high-quality after-school learning has always been a hassle for parents and kids in India. So, there has been a huge potential demand for online after-school learning. SuperLearn is capturing this opportunity well and the co-founders have been showing a high level of execution capability with a very lean mindset. We believe the startup will make affordable and high-quality after-school learning accessible to a large section of underserved kids in India.”

SuperLearn aims to have one million kids learning on its platform in the next 12 months.

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