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The pandemic has spawned so many changes in our livelihoods, from the way we socialize to the way we work.

Planning our careers is not immune to this change— and so too the choice to go to graduate school.

Young professionals around the world have reacted to the uncertainty of COVID-19 as an opportunity to apply to the certainty of higher education. Application numbers have jumped as high as 18% for medical schools, 30% for law school, and 20% for MBAs[1].

So while you might be thinking grad school is the right step for you, the process and competition might be daunting. How do I begin? How do I compete? And, ultimately, how do I get into top American or European graduate schools as an inexperienced international student?

That’s where AppAdmit comes in.

What they do 

AppAdmit is a web-based platform that serves as an application guide for students looking to pursue their higher education abroad. Since it is housed online, AppAdmit is available wherever, whenever,  and at a fraction of the cost of typical application consultants.

Furthermore, they offer all of the services consultants do: AppAdmit helps you build an effective resume; write stellar, school-specific essays; practice challenging interview questions; and build out the rest of your application— all at your own pace, time, and comfort. Watch the full tutorial to see how AppAdmit works here.


You can find out more by visiting the website here, or you can sign up for free here to survey its core modules, clever tools, and carefully-cultivated material.

As for those looking to access all of its application-building services — from live application reviews to professional interview practice — they currently offer a launch discount of up to 20% for every Smart Consultant Packages for Master’s and MBA with the code “AAETR20” Save this code because space is limited and temporary so sign up soon.


The primary team is composed of 3 education consultants with over 15+ years of experience. Over the course of those years, AppAdmit’s founders have harnessed their degrees from Stanford and HEC Paris to help students get into their own dream schools, whether undergraduate or graduate— all with a 100% success rate.

On top of that, they are joined by additional team members with extensive teaching and consulting experience as well as degrees from UC Berkeley and Williams College.

By channeling its diverse educational experience, the team works together to create robust tools that offer clear and applicable advice. Central to the process is you, the applicant— those who so passionately want to get in but are limited in their knowledge of how best to do it.

If you would like to know more about AppAdmit, feel free to check out the About Us page. You can also find them on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, or reach the team by email at 

A Final Note

Whether applying to graduate school this year or in the distant future (and with our guidance or without), AppAdmit would like to offer you a strong word of encouragement.

Graduate school is a tough but rewarding process, and the application that gets you in is but the first step in a life-changing journey. A word of advice on that front from AppAdmit’s chief ideator and founding partner, Manisha Misra:

“Your application should be an honest, yet compelling, portrayal of who you are. Show the school that you are a worthy candidate through a nuanced profile and a well-thought-of goal.”



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