BYJU’S Classes Launches Two-Teacher Model to Enhance Online Learning Experience


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India’s largest EdTech firm BYJU’s has launched a one-of-its-kind Two-Teacher Advantage’ for BYJU’S classes, a comprehensive after-school online tutoring program.

BYJU’S Classes is the first online tuition program to offer a two-teacher model in India that aims to deliver superior learning experiences and quality teaching at scale to enable better learning outcomes.

Keeping pace with the current scenario and student requirements, BYJU’S Classes offer a new approach to learning. With the Two-Teacher advantage, students are taught by one expert teacher who uses strong visuals and storytelling to explain topics in-depth to ensure conceptual clarity, while the second teacher solves instant doubts, pays individual attention, and makes the sessions interactive and engaging. With this, students get the best of both worlds – access to high-quality teachers and personal attention.

Announcing the launch, Mrinal Mohit, Chief Operating Officer, BYJU’S said,

“BYJU’S Classes ‘Two Teacher Model’ is a one-of-its-kind offering in the Indian online tuition segment, and is a key milestone in our mission to redefine the classrooms of tomorrow. It provides students access to the best teachers along with live and interactive instant doubt resolutions that closely simulate the offline classroom environment. This immersive learning experience, together with BYJU’S visually rich content pedagogy, will aid in effective learning for students anywhere as well as help solve the delivery of quality education at scale. BYJU’S Classes will be conducted in small batches and students can choose weekday/weekend batches as per their school curriculum. We have created an experience that is impactful, high-quality, and personalized along with being interactive, which we believe is a breakthrough for the EdTech sector.”

In-depth research by BYJU’S with students across the country showcased that having two teachers in a class leads to better learning outcomes. The results also showed a higher attention span, better engagement, and conceptual clarity which further helped in reinforcement and retention of class topics.

The pandemic has been an inflection point and a learning opportunity for the EdTech sector as digital education gained wider acceptance. The Two-Teacher advantage is a reflection of that learning. Designed to deliver conceptual clarity and doubt resolution with two dedicated teachers for each component, BYJU’S Classes meet the crucial learning requirements of every student.

Jiny Thattil, Sr Vice President – Engineering, BYJU’S said,

“We understand the importance of providing a seamless experience to students, and the BYJU’S Classes interface has been designed to offer uninterrupted, real-time support to enhance the online learning experience. Accessible to students everywhere, BYJU’S Classes is optimized for low bandwidth networks too. With a maximum of 25 students per class, the interface also provides student-to-teacher and student-to-student interaction, white-board mode, focus mode, raise-hand functionality much like a physical classroom and creates a unique learning atmosphere. By incorporating the right metrics, BYJU’S Classes will provide unparalleled interactivity, personalization, and immersive content to students with a high enjoyability quotient.”

BYJU’S Classes is also designed to cover all aspects of the proven BYJU’S Learning Process of Learn-Practice-Revise-Solve Doubts. The content methodology focuses on deep understanding for conceptual clarity as well as equipping the students to improve learning outcomes. Going beyond simulating the offline classroom experience, BYJU’S Classes will offer a 360° teaching + learning system that supports the student after class with regular homework and practice on BYJU’S – The Learning App, monthly report cards, regular progress updates, and Parent-Teacher Meetings. In addition to superior quality tutors and content, students are also assigned a mentor who will also provide assignments, monthly evaluations, and progress reports to encourage students to become self-paced, active learners.

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