CareerLabs Organizes Mega Recruitment Drive in Partnership with Telangana Training & Placement Office Association


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Bengaluru-based EdTech startup CareerLabs, in partnership with Telangana Training and Placement Officers (TPO) Association, is organising an exclusive recruitment drive in Telangana to offer placement opportunities for students.

The recruitment drive offers a promising avenue for students to interact with over 300 top Indian companies including Wipro, Reliance Jio, Accion Labs, Happiest Minds, Kotak Bank, etc., to name a few. The drive aims to offer thousands of aspirants an invaluable opportunity to land their dream job, and the initiative has already received 3500+ registrations so far.

Commenting on the drive, P.N Santosh, Co-founder & CEO of CareerLabs, said,

“Software development, sales and marketing, and various other jobs in core sectors are available for students from various companies across the country. Students can apply for placement opportunities in Telangana and across India. The collaboration between CareerLabs and Telangana TPO association ensures that talented students, not only from Tier 1 cities but also Tier 2 and Tier 3 Indian cities, have a platform to showcase their skills and pursue their professional ambitions.”

Dr. Jayaram, President of Telangana TPO Association, commented,

“This recruitment drive stands far from being yet another run-of-the-mill recruitment fair, as CareerLabs and the Telangana TPO Association have gone a step further in ensuring that it opens up a gamut of opportunities for learning, skill-building, and self-evaluation. There are Hackathons and various exciting coding challenges for students to participate in and test their skills. The winners of these challenges get a shot at interviews with some of the top tech recruitment partners and the chance to interact with software developers and renowned tech gurus who then share their expert insights about the industry.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the job market and subsequently posed a series of roadblocks for new graduates hoping to secure a job and join the workforce. To further their effort and combat this problem, CareerLabs has collaborated with the Telangana TPO Association to organize what is an exhilarating and productive recruitment event for students all over the state.

The recruitment drive is a rewarding experience for students who aspire to build their profile, improve their CV, or enhance their employability. In addition to recruitments, the event also features workshops that train students on relevant employability skills. All the students participating in the recruitment drive have access to a series of CareerLabs’ webinars on higher education, profile building, placements, the GMAT, GRE examinations, and more. The courses and webinars motivate young professionals to identify relevant career tracks that will catapult their professional endeavors to great heights.

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