Credible English Language Certifications You Must Know 


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English language certifications are a hit among teachers, students and professionals alike.  

While people from all spheres of life are keen to ace the language and all associated skills, universities and web platforms offer excellent courses and certifications to fulfil the demand. 

Here’s a list of top English language certifications for students, teachers, professionals or anyone who wants an English proficiency certification.

Cambridge English Qualifications 

Cambridge English Qualifications is a recognised certification that would add a lot of value to your profile. Their qualifications are trusted and recognised on a global level and are one of the best available. People aiming to get certified in English proficiency from Cambridge can appear for a free test on the website to evaluate their current level. The institution provides free sample tests and learning material available on the website to prepare for the test. The test will and learning material will also help you identify which certificate would suit you the best. Currently, the website offers qualification tests and certification for Business English, general English, students in higher education and school. The website also features numerous learning activities for people keen to learn the nuances of the language English.

Availability: Website

Targets: Business English, General English, English for Young Learners and high school students, Higher education English.

Pearson English International Certificate

Pearson is the house to some significant innovations in the education and learning industry. One of the leading learning companies and the largest examining body in the UK deliver the Pearson English International Certificate (PTE General) and the Pearson English International Certificate Young Learners (PTE Young Learners) tests associated with Edexcel. These certificates are designed to empower learners and equip them with the essential skills to progress in their lives through learning. 

The International Certificate (PTE General) provides achievement in English language learning for English learners who are speakers of other languages (ESOL). It covers all four skills, i.e. speaking, reading, listening and writing, and focuses on the English communication ability of the learner. 

The International Certificate for Young Learners is a fun English language assessment for students. It is ideal for students aged six to 13. It assesses learners’ ability to use structures and functions in realistic contexts and, later on in the series, tests their ability to manipulate language to carry out specific communicative tasks, emphasising real-life scenarios.

Availability: Website

Targets: English learners who are speakers of another language, Young learners. 

Duolingo English Test Certification

Duolingo started back in 2011 and is one of the first few companies to bring language learning to a vast scale. The company offers language learning courses in over 30 languages. Known for its top-notch services, the platform also provides certification of the English language through an English proficiency test. The proficiency test is aimed to help professionals to showcase their proficiency and knowledge in the language English. The certificate explains scores in individual English skills and gives a comprehensive insight into an individual’s language capability. The test is online and can be taken anytime, anywhere. The duration of the test is one hour, and you get the results in 2 days. It costs $49.

Availability: Website 

Targets: Professionals looking to add value to their profile with English proficiency level.

Oxford International Digital Institute

Oxford international digital institute offers English learning courses and certification for a professional qualification, teacher training, higher education students, junior learners and adult learners. Apart from English learning courses, you’ll also find certification courses for business management or finance. The platform is a digital extension of oxford to help learners around the globe learn the best from the best. The platform has various certifications like Academic English for University, English Skill Booster, Aviation English Test Preparation, IELTS & Cambridge Exams Preparation, TEFL for teacher training, English For creative Writing, English for Journalism, General English, English for Juniors and more! All courses are targeted at people looking for different skills levels in the English language, and you’ll find the one course that’d fit your needs. 

All their courses offer personalised learning and help learners develop personally, professionally and enrich their future opportunities. 

Availability: Website

Targets: professional Development, English Language Skill Development for young and adult learners, Higher Education English, Business English

Arizona State University’s Finance and Economics Business English Course

This course targets people working in finance or who have to interact with finance professionals. The course will guide you through everyday business situations in finance and economics. Through this course, you can quickly learn how to create presentations, reports and other communication material usually used by professionals and the appropriate language. The best part is that students also get feedback from other finance professionals to better understand the gaps. The course will equip you with words and the common phrases used in finance and economics. 

Availability: Coursera

Targets: Business Communication, Finance communication, Leadership communication, Negotiation communication

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages by CELTA from Cambridge 

CELTA from Cambridge is a highly recognised qualification for teaching English as a foreign language. This English teaching qualification is highly valued in the world and is the most often requested by employers. The course focuses on developing practical techniques. The course includes face-to-face or online teaching practice with groups of learners. This prepares the students to begin teaching in as little as four weeks, giving them confidence through the practical approach of the course. If you’re looking for your first teaching job or want to upgrade your teaching skills with a recognised certificate, CELTA from Cambridge is the qualification you need. 

Availability: On website; online, offline or combination. 

Targets: Qualification for new or experienced teachers who want to teach English. 

Online English writing skills course (QLS level 3) by College of Media and Publishing 

This English writing course is specifically designed for people who want to improve their written English and work on skills required to ace the skill. The course also helps in adding value to the CV and develop skills that will help students in their career and workplace. This course equips students with the skills to write accurately, concisely and fluently. Students need to produce written documents and correspondence daily. The course is ideal for raising the standard of written work. 

Availability: Website 

Targets: Written English Proficiency 

Advanced Certificate in Teaching IELTS (ASIA) by THE TESOL College from the UK

The IELTS test is one of the most common English proficiency tests and an indicator of ability in the English language. People around the globe take it to qualify for abroad studies and work. It acts as an entry ticket to university courses for foreign speakers of English. IELTS test is widely accepted within Asian countries to show general knowledge in English. 

English teachers are helping students prepare for the IELTS test, and this course is apt for teachers who’d like to extend their teaching services for students who want to prepare for IELTS. The course brings in IELTS-related language errors that you can expect in speaking and writing from Asian students, particularly from Chinese to English. The course aims to allow holders of TESOL/TEFL/CELTA qualifications to extend their knowledge of the IELTS test and become confident educators of students preparing for the test, particularly to Asian native and non-native speakers of English.

Availability: Website

Targets: Teacher Development


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