Detroit-based Reskilling Firm Automation Workz Institute Raises $10M from Blair


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Automation Workz Institute, Inc., a reskilling firm that customizes workforce training, has recently raised $10 million in growth financing from Blair to drive the expansion of its certification courses to people of color across America.

The Detroit-based company announced the development on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego, according to a report by The Courier Express.

Automation Workz Institute, founded in 2017, is an SBA woman-owned career technical trade school that advocates the future — and how we get there. With a focus on careers in network engineering, cybersecurity, and IT/tech, as a post-secondary vocational school, the company customizes workforce training to develop diverse adults for high-paying careers in business, tech, and cybersecurity.

Commenting on the funding, Automation Workz Founder and CEO Ida Byrd-Hill said,

“This new funding partnership with Blair is game-changing on so many levels. Lack of money should not be a barrier to move into the plethora of high-paying tech jobs that, for too long, have been a barrier to people of color. For years, I’ve advocated the best social justice program is a job, especially a high-paying high-demand tech job. I’m so thankful to Blair for believing in Automation Workz which I built to discover the tech genius that is often overlooked within inner cities.”

According to a statement, the new funding will increase people of color access to Automation Workz’s program using Income Share Agreements. Automation Workz will also be able to add more staff and artificial intelligence capabilities to increase enrollment, hence more job offers.

Justin Stolzenberg, Head of Growth at Blair, said

“Blair is excited to partner with Automation Workz, a leading education provider, to increase upward mobility and afford students the opportunity to achieve great outcomes. Their commitment to providing students an excellent education and lifelong career path is second-to-none and continuously proven through their commitment to outcomes-based financing. We are thrilled to work with Automation Workz on removing the burden of upfront payments from their students and increasing access to their program.”

Automation Workz claims 30 percent of its graduates have received and accepted six-figure job offers. The company aims to assist 50,000 people of color to achieve six-figure job offers to create prosperous affluent economies in inner cities across America, thereby reducing crime, poverty, and the stress that plagues inner cities.

In 2021, Automation Workz was ranked as one of the nation’s top 10 Cybersecurity Bootcamps by Career Karma. And most recently, it was named one of the Best Cybersecurity Bootcamps of 2021 by, a trusted resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning.

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