Five Ways Technology Can Help Tutors Become Edupreneurs


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We see technology growing exponentially each day making our lives easier and simpler. With just a few taps on your mobile screen, you can order your favourite food, a cab at your doorstep, make payments, and much more just from home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given birth to a new “from home culture” with major companies running the business with their employees working from home the education has also now been in a study from a home mode with K-12 to postgraduates to anyone learning anything it has been studying from home for everyone. But isn’t it a big benefit for both students and tutors? Let’s see how growing technology and the new “from home culture” can help our tutors to become edupreneurs and scale up their coaching business helping students learn better and efficiently.

According to certain surveys, about 60 out of 100% of people are willing to give a chance to online coaching. And this was just a few years back in 2014. Today the number has increased to 85% of people willing to approach online coaching institutes. Online coaching institutes save a good amount of cost for tutors as with offline coaching one needs to invest money in basic facilities like desks, electricity, proper lighting, printing notes, etc but when this money is invested in building an online coaching institute it can help to reach a huge number of students teaching them more effectively with tools and software that can make teaching and learning more effective. From helping with communication among teachers and students (as well as peer-to-peer) to organizing curriculum calendars, to enhancing presentations and lessons with media and visuals, there is no limit to the ways to use technology in the classroom to create enriched learning environments.

We have highlighted some easy-to-use five ways tutors can improve online teaching and scale-up online coaching business becoming edupreneurs.

Video Conferencing Lectures

Video conferencing systems not only allow perfect interactive teaching but also gives the ability to teachers and students to present and share documents and files in real-time rather than emailing files to students.
It can connect participants from any place to join the class making it possible for local and global students to join the coaching institute without any geographical restraint.

Video conferencing enables an advantage of hosting guest lectures by experts whether an expert is located in a distant place or is halfway across the globe, video conferencing can help to make it possible which is tough with offline classes.

Creating Personalized Course

Creating online courses and teaching is not only an effective strategy for your coaching institute but is also a booming business you don’t necessarily need any credentials or certifications with Winuall you can design your course with your personalized materials and sell it in an app or on a website. Recorded video lectures, presentations, and animations can be used to design a personalized course that adds brand value to the tutor’s image and coaching institute.

Creating your certification course acts as a marketing medium for your coaching business as a certificate of course completion will have your coaching institute’s logo and name and it will create a brand image among the students.

Mobile App Of Coaching Institute

Having a mobile app for your coaching institute helps to automate regular tasks that usually take time like creating batches according to the subjects, sending notifications, designing tests and quizzes, managing and maintaining attendance a mobile app can manage these tasks with just a few taps.

Coaching institute can have their own library for students where recorded lectures, presentations are available for students to access with this tutors can monetize this feature by introducing a premium subscription plan for students to access the recorded lectures.

Presence On Social Media

Social Media platforms can be the perfect mediums for tutors to market and advertise their coaching institute to a wide range of audiences. It can be used to display key aspects and unique features of the coaching institute and make it look exciting and fun with the right content and marketing strategy your content can go viral on social media getting you a huge reach to targeted audiences.

You can use Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter to market your coaching institute at no charge except your time. Running Ads on Social Media can help you reach a targeted audience and draw people’s attention towards your coaching institute and help in creating a buzz ultimately leading to more students enrolling.

Digital Payment Methods

Digital Payment methods for tutoring business will not only make it reliable to collect fees from a student at any location but has a lot more benefits.

  • It helps in maintaining records of the payments automatically with accurate dates and times.
  • For every new admission, a course fee instalment plan can be scheduled.
  • Payment receipts are generated instantly and can be delivered immediately.
  • Payments can be on any day at any time whether it’s a bank holiday or a weekend.

From a local tutor to an edupreneur, with these five easy to go technological solutions every tutor can increase the reach of their coaching institute significantly to a large number of students and create a brand image of their coaching institute.

About the Author

Author: Shubhodeep Mukherjee

Director of Technology, Winuall
Shubhodeep is currently heading engineering at Winuall, a leading and scaling Ed-Tech startup. Previously, he has built communities like Google Developers Group Vellore and helped it grow.

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