How Can EdTechs Reduce Cost And Optimize Security With AWS Cloud


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Amazon Web Services for education has revolutionized the way educational institutions function. To further impact the sector, AWS for EdTech aims to support education solution providers with tools and services to enhance their performance and output.

It remolds how companies develop and manage their educational solutions, finance, security, investments, and more.

Cloud, security, and cost go hand in hand. As companies scale up to serve various education customers, cloud usage increases, and so does the cost of running and maintenance. The other crucial pillar of this equation is security. Reliable security solutions are needed as customers are trusting companies with sensitive data. With increasing cloud-based customers, the need for hack-proof solutions is also growing.

Keeping up with security RnD and maintaining a dedicated security team requires a lot of funds. Security being an invisible asset of any product or service, EdTechs tend to neglect it and focus on sales and development. This is a very critical yet common trade-off between keeping a business going and offering a reliable solution.

To help edtechs take on such challenges, including security and cost, AWS has developed specialized virtual sessions called “AWS Clinics”, one of which is the “AWS Security and Cost Clinic”. These virtual sessions are ideal for learning the best practices and finding appropriate, cost-effective, efficient, and secure solutions to reduce the risk of data mishandling or breach. Since these webinars feature AWS solution experts, they offer a unique opportunity for the attendees to interact with the industry experts who run the show behind the AWS brand and make for its reputation.

AWS hosted two free to attend webinars on cost and security themes. The sessions focused on how EdTech can build secure cloud products/services for educational institutions and use the AWS Cloud platform to optimize the cost.

The webinars on Cost Optimization and AWS Security are available separately with the following takeaways:

The webinar on cost optimization discusses various techniques and tools for cost-efficient architecture, touching upon multiple required resources, matching supply with demand, and best practices for cloud financial management, expenditure, and usage awareness & optimization over time. It also talks about how EdTech companies can reduce cloud costs and reinvest in innovation for the future of education. The webinar highlights the cost optimization framework of AWS services built on five key pillars, i.e., operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

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The other webinar on security optimization highlights how companies assess their secure cloud environment and what practices suit their needs. The session highlights common security gaps, best practices to mitigate them and build a robust security system. The session talks about the AWS shared responsibility model, assessment approach in the AWS environment, and tools to monitor the AWS environment’s workload footprint. The session will give insights into cloud security managed by both 1) the customers, i.e., EdTech companies, and 2) AWS.

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These virtual clinics are ideal for EdTech companies to learn the best practices on how their solutions can change the game for education institutes with improved security and without the cost burden. The webinars give access to in-depth knowledge on AWS’ services that can boost EdTech solutions’ performances, thereby bolstering your clients’ needs and implementations.

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