How Can Educational Institutions Be More Strategic About Their Tech Spending?


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For a few years, educational institutions have faced various challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced each institution to choose the right technology that can lead to the continuous flow of education.

Various institutions have opted for technologies like ERP, SIS, LMS, and a lot more. But with the instant picking of technologies institutions found a lack of more strategy about their tech spending. Let’s discuss some of the important things to consider while spending on education technology.

As the investment in education technologies like ERP, SIS, LMS, VR, AR, and more is at its peak, educational institutions must become more strategic in choosing the best tech spendings.

Steps to consider while investing in an EdTech. 

Choose a technology for all stakeholders- Students, faculty, and admin

Modern educational institutions need to be more strategic these days as every stakeholder from student, faculty, and administrators demand easy access and learning solutions. After the pandemic, it also became important for education institutions to choose technology that can not only help in teaching and learning but also help in overall operations of the institution making everything accessible like teaching, learning, fee submission, examination, attendance, and a lot other for each of the stakeholders associated with the institution.

Institutions can keep this thought in mind while spending a good amount of time and money in choosing technologies for their institutions. Some of these worth to spend technologies are:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  2. Student Information System (SIS)
  3. Learning Management System (LMS)
  4. And more…

Have a clear perception of the needs

There are various things on which an educational institution needs to focus, but the institution must find the base of the problem having a clear perception of the needs. For example, if the institution is perfect at activities like teaching and learning, having various difficulties in managing the academic and administrative operations they need to invest in a solution that can help in making all the academic and administrative operations of the institution, and vice versa. This not only will help in running the institution systematically and efficiently but also will provide a clear perception of the current and future needs of the institution.

Decide where to innovate and integrate

To provide a seamless experience to students, it is not always important that institutions buy and invest in different technologies, sometimes a single technology can also help in completing all the needs and demands. It needs to be decided by the institution whether to innovate methods selecting a good technology or integrate and invest in multiple technologies adding more items to the list. If you can agree…

Select the best version of the technology that you have decided

Institutions can typically focus on efficiency improvements, for this, it is a must to select the best technology itself that can help in overall growth. Institutions need to be more ambitious about investing and acquisition of EdTech. It is also essential to select the best version of the technology that you decide on as there are multiple vendors available for a single technology like ERP, SIS, LMS, or any other.

Check the outcomes in periods

Whether you invest in any technology, you will need continuous evolution for the same to achieve desired outcomes. A new technology adoption changes roles, processes, policies, ways of working, skills, metrics, data, and a lot more. New technology adoption in any educational institution requires more focus for some time as it changes the already going workflow. Let’s say, an institution has adopted an ERP software, they will need to keep a continuous check to make this move from manual intervention to automation. Automation of all the operations like attendance, admission, examination, and more can simply be a lot of tasks for educational institutions, but at the same time, it will require patience and persistence from the institution for having effective training, implementation, and other methods. 

The right technology adoption in education can result in continuous improvements and desired outcomes in a fixed time if the institutions will keep a continuous check of outcomes in periods.

So, in which educational technology are you investing or thinking of investing? Hope the above steps will help you in having the clarity to choose and invest in the right technology that can add a boost to your institution. Always remember there is nothing about small or large investments, it’s about the outcome and the duration of outcomes from using it.

For institutions, this is the right time to get in a ship of modernization and digital transformation in education, but to choose the right ship you need to go out of your comfort boat!

About the Author

Author: Vedika Dixit

Vedika Dixit is an ed-tech researcher having a good experience in writing blogs on education technology and rising trends in the education sector. Currently working in Serosoft an award-winning educational ERP provider company.

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