How EdTech Startup CareerWill Reduces The Financial Burden Of Tuitions


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Being in school doesn’t mean learning for many students.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, many students are facing a learning crisis. Pushed by the pandemic restrictions, schools shifted to virtual schooling and online learning. New and unfamiliar tech brought many challenges. Students from diverse backgrounds and those at more risk of increased vulnerability are less likely to receive the needed support and extra services. This led to an increased gap between students who experience additional barriers to quality education and those who do not.

Another crucial challenge has been the financial difficulties for the masses amid the pandemic. The economy suffered as businesses and jobs were lost. This brought up a financial crunch making it difficult for many families to make ends meet. Because of unfamiliar online education and altered quality due to changes in instruction mediums, many students have needed tuitions more than the pre-Covid times. The additional cost of tuition fees has added more burden to parents’ already challenging financial situation.

Students need support for their learning when they face challenges even with the bare minimum learning needs and then seek help from extra tuitions. These additional classes cause a financial burden on parents, especially in these difficult times.

Apart from school education, students preparing for competitive and job-related exams have dropped out due to the high fee requirements amid the pandemic. In times of financial crunch, when people face challenges to meet their basic needs, education-related expense becomes secondary for many people. The continuous lockdowns and restrictions have led to a massive income and health shock for many households.

EdTech solutions have been of great help in reducing the burden and providing learning solutions for students. Many schools have partnered with EdTech services to ensure round the clock support for students without adding any extra burden on parents. EdTech startups like CareerWill are helping learners in these difficult times. The best thing about such EdTech solutions is that the quality of education remains the same irrespective of region.

Understanding the need of the hour as many parents face a financial crunch, CareerWill has joined hands with schools to help parents reduce costs on unnecessary expenses like tuition.

CareerWill is a platform that provides learning solutions at affordable prices. Founded in June 2015 by Rakesh Kumar and Pawan Kumar, CareerWill is an Indian EdTech company that offers online learning services to the K12 sector and for test & competitive exam preparation classes. The venture aims to provide quality education to all students at the most affordable prices, so nothing comes between students and their desire to learn. Online instruction eradicates location barriers, making quality education accessible anywhere at affordable prices.

The K12 sector primarily benefits from CareerWill’s app and their free YouTube channel “CareerWill Online School”. The app offers a complete school curriculum, while the YouTube channel features learning content for classes 6 to 12. Their mobile app provides comprehensive curriculum synced courses, and users can get PDF notes in Hindi & English and access interactive live classes too. All their online services have a result-oriented approach that helps learners with their learning needs to help them ace their knowledge.

Their YouTube channel is an excellent resource for people unfamiliar with CareerWill’s app or who have limited internet access. Their channel is helpful for students, teachers, schools, and education leaders alike.

The mobile app is equally beneficial for all k12 stakeholders. It offers the convenience and flexibility of online education to students allowing them to learn at their comfort through both their solutions. Students can learn at their pace and schedule their learning as per the availability of the app, internet or means required. The mobile app and YouTube channel offer free study material, mock tests, and live classes for query & doubt resolution. Students can also access recorded live sessions at their convenience if they missed them.

The impact of CareerWill’s effort is visible in their partnership with schools. The company has collaborated with over 500 schools, with more adding to the list. In 3 years, CareerWill has helped over 1.2 million students with their learning needs and witnessed over 3 million app downloads. Their data states that a student spends a staggering 180 minutes on their app daily.

The success stories of students from various backgrounds who benefitted from the platform indicate that the CareerWill team is on the right path.

Every learner has a right to get the best-standardised education irrespective of the income crunch. At no cost should students have to drop their education journey.

CareerWill ensures that students from all backgrounds, especially financially challenged backgrounds, can learn from their affordable learning solutions. They use technology to provide standard, quality, and affordable quality education from the best teachers in the country.

We highly recommend you to check CareerWill’s free courses. You can also download their app and explore the entire course library.

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