Indian EdTech’s Global Success – Key Learnings, New Opportunities & more


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Intro: Join this webinar for EdTechs to learn from founders who have excelled in the international EdTech market & what some of the leading investors thin about the opportunity.

Countdown - Indian EdTech's Global Success

Friday, 17 September 2021 | 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM (IST)

About the webinar:

With domestic market booming, more and more Indian EdTech are also going international. Understanding and tapping the overseas markets is becoming increasingly critical for edtech startups. As an edtech founder, you need a hawk-eyed vision to plan for new global markets.

Join the webinar to learn from Indian edtech founders & investors who have made it big in different global edtech markets.

The expert speakers from EdTech and the investment community will talk about how they identified the opportunity in respective global markets & how the recent pandemic further extended their chance to leap on a massive opportunity. Get an insight into what have been the key strategies to win the game in the international markets & challenges faced.

The panel will also focus on the new opportunities for Indian businesses at the international level, what makes it attractive for the investors & more.


Webinar Takeaways:

  • Global EdTech Market Landscape & New Opportunities
  • Journeys & Learnings from successful Indian EdTech in the international market
  • Deep dive into the winning strategies by Indian EdTechs in different global markets
  • Comparing different markets & understanding the driving factors
  • How Indian EdTechs are uniquely positioned to solve some of these international needs
  • How investors have started to view edtech as a global game & more

Who Should Attend:

EdTech startup founders, advisors, managers, CXOs, budding EdTech entrepreneurs, representatives from incubators, accelerators, investment firms, Govt., higher education institutions and anyone curious to learn about the international edtech market.

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