Kannada Actor Ramesh Aravind’s Daughter Niharika Gets Married After Week-long Celebrations


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Actor and filmmaker Ramesh Aravind’s daughter Niharika tied the knot with Akshay in an intimate ceremony on Monday morning. The wedding followed a week of celebrations at Aravind’s residence, where the family hosted several events as the run-up to the big day.

Ramesh had taken a week off from work to attend all ceremonies, which were held keeping all Covid-19 guidelines in mind. Ramesh’s wife Archana told TOI, “With the pandemic looming large, we could not have the big ceremony that we wanted, but we still ensured we had all the varied events. Ramesh, being the stickler for rules that he is, ensured that there were just the specified number of people as per BBMP guidelines at each event and ensured we had the guests rotating with each event.”

Niharika is a product manager while Akshay is a digital experience designer. Ramesh said, “Niharika and Akshay met as colleagues and we had a great time at the wedding that spanned nearly a week, where we mostly had youngsters partaking partaking in the celebrations.”

On Sunday evening, Ramesh and Archana, along with family and friends, danced at the sangeet. They have plans to host a bigger bash for his colleagues in the industry, if the guidelines permit it January.



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