Kid’s Teletherapy Startup HelloHero Raises $7.7M To Grow Its HealthCare Platform


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HelloHero, an online learning platform focused on teletherapy for kids up to 21 years old (average user is 10 years old) has raised $7.7 million in a seed round with a $4.5 million line of credit from Silicon Valley Bank with participation from Silverton Partners, Correlation Ventures, Achieve Partners and Service Provider Capital New England Fund.

With the latest round of funding, HelloHero plans to follow a rebrand for the company and to dive deep into data-driven teletherapy. It also plans to focus on recruiting expertise in three areas, insurance integration, child psychology and technology.

Established in 2018 by Syed Mohammed, HelloHero provides therapy through school districts. The platform appears to be building an outcomes-linked data set of its own. The team of HelloHero is focused on increasing access to Pediatric care by building a ‘value-based healthcare framework’, this framework is aimed at restructuring the current healthcare system.

HelloHero’s mission is to increase equity and access to quality pediatric therapy for children with Developmental, Behavioral, Emotional and Physical challenges. The platform is building a value-based healthcare framework aimed at restructuring healthcare systems with the overarching goal of ensuring that patients receive the most value possible.

Speaking about the company, the Founder of HelloHero, Syed Mohammed said in a statement, “What we’ve built here is the healthcare system that is connected to payers; that is connected to their families and children; that is connected to therapists. Any child who uses HelloHero begins with a treatment plan established by a therapist. After every session of therapy delivered using HelloHero, therapists and parents are asked to evaluate the clinical progress a child is making. We have generationally improved how progress is tracked.”

HelloHero is also focusing on various aspects of delivering care, quality of therapy and using technology intelligently to improve care and reduce cost. The startup claims to have provided teletherapy for 3,800 children, about 1,800 of whom have been served this school year.

According to Mohammed, the company plans to develop a data-informed tool to guide therapists through their own sessions. It would provide advice in real-time on a therapists’ screen while in session, based on what has worked (and not worked) before.

HelloHero is keeping an eye to bring real-time “on-screen intelligence” to life within the next year.

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