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PROGOS Inc. (hereafter, “PROGOS”), the business subsidiary of RareJob, Inc. (hereafter, “RareJob”), which utilizes human-related data to develop global talents, launched a mobile application for the AI business English speaking test “PROGOS®”.

The app was released internationally such as in Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Singapore aside from Japan.

Background of the launch of the PROGOS® app

As global business has become common, the number of Japanese companies which introduce an HR system and training based on CFER, the international standard for English language skill, is increasing in order to recruit talented people with a high level of practical English speaking skills and train their employees.

It will be necessary to grasp the CFER level of each person and improve English speaking skills based on CFER for career development in the future.

Since its launch in June 2020, PROGOS®, the AI business English-speaking test, has been rapidly becoming popular. Because PROGOS® can assess people’s English speaking skills based on CFER, the exam has been introduced not only in corporations and universities in Japan but also in Asian countries such as Vietnam and India. The introduction of the exam by the business alliance with the Thai major recruitment agency which enables a number of Thai job seekers to take the exam is an example of overseas expansion of our business.

With the release of the PROGOS app, every English learner can take this speaking exam as well as corporate clients and RareJob Eikaiwa paid members. We also released the app in 39 countries/regions at the same time. We will further accelerate the overseas business development of PROGOS® by establishing an environment that enables people not only in Japan but also in foreign countries to take the exam. We are going to help people improve their English skills by the app which provides easy access to an English-speaking exam for as many people as possible.

About PROGOS® app

The app enables users to take the same exam on a Web browser. The exam duration is 20 minutes and the exam only takes 2 minutes to get results.

App Features


  • Only 20 mins to take and only 2 mins to get results.
  • Can take the exam online without worrying about time and place.
  • Practical English speaking ability can be measured by the international standard CEFR.
  • Users can receive feedback about learning advice that can be applied to daily English learning.
  • Can see your growth path for English speaking as test history is recorded.
  • Can take it once a day on the app for free.

English speaking ability is not the skill that you can keep without doing anything even if you acquired it once. Therefore, it is important to measure and visualize the current level of the skill on a regular basis. PROGOS® is the exam to be taken repeatedly easily since the exam takes only a short time and can return results soon after taking the exam. In addition to the measurement of English speaking skills based on the international standard, CFER, learning advice is given back as feedback. Therefore, learners can confirm their learning process and understand their weak points.

If you register an account, test results are recorded each time you take the exam. The app is useful for efficient English learning as the app encourages you to follow the learning and diagnosis cycles in turn and then you can see improvement in your English speaking skill. You can take the exam for free once a day for the time being since the release of the app.

We continue to help people make measurement of English speaking skills their routine and support the efficient learning of English speaking skills from now on.

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