Microsoft Acquires Online & In-person Tutoring Startup TakeLessons


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Microsoft has recently acquired TakeLessons, a San Diego-based EdTech platform that allows students to connect with individual tutors and tutors to book and organize their lessons both online and in person. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The move demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to offering instructional information to individuals in general, not only in the corporate world, according to a press statement.

In a statement to CNBC, a Microsoft spokesman said,

“TakeLessons is a unique, trusted online marketplace that connects diverse, competent, and verified teachers with students of all ages pursuing their objectives. This purchase responds to the rising need for tailored hybrid possibilities and increases our product offerings to TakeLessons customers, a premier online learning platform.”

TakeLessons, founded in 2006, provides a platform for students to connect with individual tutors in areas like music lessons, language learning, academic subjects, sports, professional training, and hobbies, and for tutors to book and organize the lessons they give, both online and in person.

Confirming the acquisition, TakeLessons posted a note on its site saying “We’re so excited to announce that TakeLessons has been acquired by Microsoft. We believe this will further support TakeLessons’ mission: to empower people to learn, connect, grow, and live more meaningful lives through education.”

On how teaming up with Microsoft will help the company, TakeLessons said it will provide greater resources for the company to build better products, attract more high-quality teachers, and offer a wider selection of subjects.

Talking about the platform, TakeLessons founder and CEO Steven Cox wrote on LinkedIn,

“Hundreds of millions of people from all over the world have visited TakeLessons, and taken many, many million minutes of lessons — learning everything from STEM to Farsi, guitar to horseback riding, parkour, tennis, singing, and yes, even beefing up on Excel macros.”

The San Diego-based company had raised at least $20 million from a range of VCs and individuals including Crosslink Capital, LightBank, Uncork Capital, Moore Venture Partners, SoftTech VC, Triangle Peak Partners among others.

TakeLessons said it might add “Powered by Microsoft” to its name post the acquisition, which the company also said is subject to change.

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