Mumbai-based Tutoring Startup Lido Learning Launches in the US and Canada


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Online tutoring startup Lido Learning has launched its flagship coding program in the US & Canada, while significantly ramping its Middle East operations.

With its entry into the western market, the company has also launched its unique ‘Pair Learning’ methodology, with just 2 students in a class to enable deeper student-teacher interactions, focused learning, and real-time problem-solving. In just two years, the company has swiftly risen to prominence in the virtual learning and online tuitions space in India, and now offers classes in Maths, Science, English, and Coding for students from KG to Grade 12 in CBSE and ICSE. 

So far, the company has focused primarily on delivering quality education through carefully calibrated interventions, such as a low student-teacher ratio, a visually rich curriculum for deeper retention, and the use of gamification to encourage positive learning outcomes in students. This focus continues to be core to their international offerings as well. The curriculum for Lido’s international courses will be mapped to a region-specific syllabus, much like its CBSE and ICSE-based courses in India. In addition, Lido will soon be extending its 1:1 class offerings outside the country as well, according to a statement.

Issuing a statement on the development, Sahil Sheth, CEO & Founder, Lido Learning, said,

“Lido Learning has seen encouraging response in our home country, and several early adopters have appreciated our product to be timely, more so during the pandemic when children needed additional support with their school lessons. Inspired by the responses we have received we are keen to extend this strong offering to students across the globe so that they all can learn, grow and transform into future leaders. Expanding into the US and Canada with coding as the primary skill on Lido Learning allows the company to take the expertise of coding tutors in India, connecting them to markets that are hungry for this skill. It is a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

He further added, “We firmly believe that coding is the language of the future, and a strong foundation in coding can help steer students on the path to future success. For developed countries like the US and Canada, we are starting with Coding since we have observed that it helps build essential life skills such as logical reasoning, critical analysis, and creative thinking. Every student, regardless of what they ultimately choose to pursue in the future, stands to benefit from honing these skills. It is heartening to note that parents around the world are recognizing the importance of coding in the continuous development of their children from a young age to make them future-ready, in addition to academic excellence.”

Lido Learning also plans to expand its offerings to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia in early 2022. Plans are also in place to introduce Maths, Science, and English in all the geographies it enters. This decision to expand aggressively comes on the heels of remarkable success at home. Lido clocked 87% average student attendance in the last quarter, an unprecedented number in the online tuitions space. The company currently has a team of 50 working on its international businesses.

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