Online Assessments in HigherEd Made Easy with Moodle on AWS

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Digital transformation in higher education is revolutionizing the way the industry operates and delivers on multiple ends. With classrooms, assessments, and operations moving online, every crucial element of a HigherEd institute has become digital.

Research by EDUCAUSE on Digital Transformation in Higher Education shows that 13% of colleges and universities are already engaged in Dx (digital transformation) today, 32% are developing a Dx strategy, and another 38% of higher education institutions are exploring Dx. The remaining 17% of institutions will catch up in no time.

However, going digital comes with its own set of challenges. The shift from offline to online calls for new and improved teaching and assessment solutions.

One of the key challenges for higher education in making the digital transformation has been devising a proper, uninterrupted assessment plan. An efficient online assessment plan keeps its purpose, validity, reliability, and value in check while serving the prime objective of benefitting students & teachers.

Online tools can combat the challenges by helping HigherEd institutes adopt the right solutions and develop all-round assessment plans.

Moodle is one such tool that changed the game for Graphic Era University. 

An open-source Learning Management System, Moodle offers power-packed utilities to make education go online seamlessly. Its flexibility and incomparable user-friendliness make it a hit in the education community. Moodle allows educators to quickly access a wide range of solutions without being locked in by licensing costs.

Deploying Moodle on the cloud instead of traditional on-premise or private hosting takes the setup a step further by offering enterprise level scaling, load management, flexibility, etc. Cloud deployment further adds benefits like staging, versioning, A/B testing, geo locking & tracking, improved up-time, and reduced hardware dependency, amongst a sea of other benefits.

Graphic Era University discovered a flexible and cost-effective solution in deploying Moodle on the AWS Cloud. Working with EdTech provider Ballistic Learning, the university implemented Moodle as an interim solution. Within days, the university was running online examinations for its community of approximately 18,000 students. The university conducted virtual assessments for students living in the remotest parts of the country, even with poor internet connectivity at altitudes as high as 7,000 meters. With the effective use of caching and load handling capabilities of AWS Cloud, Moodle enabled students to take their exams successfully on their mobile devices at internet speeds as low as100Kbps.

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in which AWS Cloud Services for Education aids HigherEd institutions

Open-source technologies have been around for long, but their recent resurgence in the education sector has enabled worldwide learning and assessment at an unprecedented scale. As educators sought online resources and collaboration tools, open-source technologies provided a unique opportunity to scale education quickly and cost-effectively.

When an Open-Source Technology like Moodle is used with a cloud computing solution like Amazon Web Services for Education, digital transformation becomes seamless.

AWS Cloud offers education institutions the opportunity to use and equip themselves with advanced EdTech solutions to create a customized digital infrastructure that meets their academic and institutional goals at all levels.

Graphic Era University is just one example of an institution using an AWS-based service to equip itself with a reliable and scalable teaching-learning and assessment solution. The move helped them cancel out the major challenge of remote student assessments by allowing them to conduct institution-wide virtual assessments.


you can use AWS Cloud services for education to revolutionize your campus

With digital becoming the new normal, education institutions around the globe are keen to tap the best tech solutions that meet all their needs in a virtual space.

To understand and learn more about using AWS and creating your digital institute with excellent tools and solutions like Moodle, fill out this inquiry form.

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