Picsart Acquires Code Republic to Expand its Focus on Education


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Picsart, the world’s largest creative platform and community, has recently announced that it has acquired learning platform Code Republic for an undisclosed amount to join its educational division Picsart Academy.

Picsart Academy provides world-class online learning opportunities for students of all levels in information technology, including web development, AI, machine learning, data science, product management, and more. Picsart said the acquisition of Code Republic will help the company further amplify its technology education offering. The company said the new addition will allow Picsart Academy to support additional courses, topics, languages, and locations around the world.  

Picsart has seen thousands of students advance their technology skills after successfully completing Picsart Academy programs, and the company claims to receive hundreds of applications each year, with many being hired by the company at the end of their courses.

Speaking on how the acquisition will help the company, Artavazd Mehrabyan, Co-founder and CTO of Picsart, said,

“Picsart was founded as the result of collaboration between a teacher and his students, so education and learning have always been at the heart of our DNA. This acquisition allows us to scale Picsart Academy and take education to the next level with the help of the talented and passionate Code Republic team.”

Picsart Academy courses are currently offered in the Armenian language only, and the company will begin hosting in-person classes in Yerevan this month. The company plans to launch English language courses online later this year and expand in-person courses to additional cities.

Vardan Grigoryan, Founder of Code Republic, said,

“My passion lies in teaching and educating students, which is why I founded Code Republic. This acquisition means advancing my mission with access to additional resources and opportunities to educate the next generation of engineering talent. Joining a company so deeply rooted in education is the perfect fit, and I can’t wait to bring in our first class of students.”

As part of the acquisition, Picsart said, all 20+ Code Republic employees will join the Picsart Academy team. Grigoryan, who was a boomerang Picsart employee having previously worked at the company as a Senior Engineer for more than two years, will rejoin Picsart as Director of Picsart Academy, leading the company’s educational efforts to attract new talent.

This is Picsart’s third acquisition, after the acquisition of Computer Vision and AI company DeepCraft late last year and advanced video effects company “D’efekt” in 2020.

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