Pikmykid Partners with Central Access to Advance School Safety and Efficiency


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Pikmykid, the premier school safety and dismissal platform, has announced its partnership with Central Access, a leading provider of K-12 education technology tools for the state of Mississippi, to provide educators and parents the best dismissal technology to ensure student safety.

Through this partnership, Pikmykid and Central Access will bring the best Student Information System (SIS) and dismissal technology to the educators and parents of Mississippi, starting with a fully integrated solution with Application Programming Interface (API) integrations, according to a press statement. As the two companies continue to grow together, customers can expect to see deeper, more extensive integrations and capabilities, added the statement.

“Central Access and Pikmykid have shared several customers over the years, and we’re excited to bring an even better experience to those users,” said Saravana Pat Bhava, CEO and Co-Founder of Pikmykid. “This partnership was one of the easiest decisions we’ve made going into 2022, and we’re truly honored to be the exclusive provider of safety and dismissal technology for Central Access clients.”

With Central Access and Pikmykid, schools can expect faster and less-chaotic dismissals, all while keeping student information secure and updated in real-time. The process for adding and deleting students is seamless, managing absentees takes only a click of a button, and insights sync between classroom and delegation changes keep staff up to date on each students’ location and where they need to go on their way home from school.

“Central Access went through an extensive evaluation process when looking for a partner in the dismissal automation space,” said Jay Milam, CEO of Central Access. “When we saw Pikmykid’s ease of use and focus on student safety, we knew we’d found the right match. The end of the day is such a hassle for schools, and we’re excited to be working with a partner that helps alleviate that pain while maintaining the same real-time accuracy schools have come to love from our SIS platform.”

As the partnership grows, both companies look forward to continuing to provide the best-in-class technology to simplify the school day so that administrators, staff, and parents can focus on what really matters – student education.

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