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Podcasts are a great way to keep learning on the go. The best ones are that will make you keep coming back for more.

Educational podcasts are available on a range of topics. This list below features some great podcasts available for teaching-learning practices, entrepreneurship, leader thinking, digital education, women in history, science overs and more!

Here are a few popular podcasts that will keep you as an educator hooked.


EdSurge is the name to bring forward the best and advanced practices and latest information on technology n education. A favourite among the education readers, the platform releases a new podcast every week focusing on the future of education, featuring insightful conversations with educators, tech innovators and scholars, hosted by EdSurge’s Jeff Young and other EdSurge reporters. You can follow the podcast on the Apple Podcast app, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts or wherever you listen.  

The Digital2Learn Podcast

Digital2Learn is a popular platform among the network of educators. It offers a community to education stakeholders and thought leaders to come forward, create a dialogue and share resources and information to advance digital teaching and learning. The platform focus on evidence-based Digital strategies for teaching and learning. Their podcast section features over 100 existing podcasts by education futurists, academic researchers, edtech businesses and other education stakeholders. You can also create free podcasts on the platform and subscribe to stay upbeat. The podcasts by D2L are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean App, Pandora, and iHeartRadio.  

Centre for Innovation in Education

The Centre for Innovation in Education (CIE) supports innovation in learning, teaching and assessment through enhanced curriculum development. The platform offers a series of podcasts with more added regularly. The podcasts focus on bringing attention to innovations in learning and teaching with a core focus on curriculum development. Their podcast includes informal chat and in-depth conversation covering various topics. One essential series featured on the website is Treasure Island pedagogies Series, where speakers share the one item they would take to make their teaching effective to an island and how they’ll make it happen. You can access the podcasts on Spotify, Anchor FM, or a similar podcast player app, find their handler @LivUniCIE podcast and subscribe to be notified regularly.

The EdTech Podcast

The Edtech Podcast aims to improve the dialogue between education and technology through storytelling for better innovation and impact. The podcasts are ideal for education leaders worldwide, startups entrepreneurs, learning and development specialists, blue-chips, investors, government and media, and anyone interested in education and technology. The podcast series covers vital topics like Future Tech for Education, Education 4.0, The Voctech Podcast, Learning Continued and more. The Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts.

Demystifying Instructional Design

Demystifying Instructional Design is a podcast where Rebecca interviews instructional designers about the types of work they do. The role of instructional designers varies across contexts, including formal education, corporate sector, healthcare, non-profit, military, government, and more. Further, the types of learning solutions created by instructional designers vary, including learning programs, semester-length courses, short workshops, eLearning, and job aids. these podcasts are ideal for anyone who wish to understand instructional designing in education and its benefits. The podcasts are exclusively available on the official website. Alternatively, you can also read the transcript.

VoicEd Radio

With over 150 podcasts, live broadcasts, special radio series, and a growing number of bloggers sharing their perspectives and insights, the platform offers the latest insights and resources from the people working in and for the education industry. VoicEd Radio Canada is a dynamic community of people dedicated to the theory, practice and policy that supports and reaffirms a solid commitment to public education in the 21st century. The podcasts are exclusively available on the website and offer insights on various categories like linguistics, curriculum reforms, teaching on the climate crisis, teaching, learning, and leading the k-12 and more.

The Teaching Online Podcast (TOPcast)

Hosted by Dr Thomas Cavanagh and Dr Kelvin Thompson, TOPcast is a monthly podcast for online and blended learning professionals conducted to help educators enhance their online teaching or blended teaching models. With over 100 episodes, the podcasts cover many topics like managing change and growth in online initiatives, Finding the Right Mix of Modalities at Your Institution, return to campus work or not. Interestingly, all the podcasts are tagged with education-related keywords, making it easy for you to find relevant podcasts when searching for something specific. Also, the series features podcasts on the education in pandemic and addresses the challenges and opportunities caused by the transition from offline to online education. You can access the podcasts on the Website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and RSS.

Have You Heard Podcast

Journalist Jennifer Berkshire and education historian Jack Schneider offers exciting insights exploring education policy and politics. Have You Heard podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify or anywhere else you listen to podcasts. The website features over 100 podcasts, with more added regularly. A few interesting titles include Where Communities Go to College, The K12 Culture Wars; There’s No Democracy without Public Education and more.

Open Education Global Podcast

Open Education Global Podcasts aims to provide insight and connection to the application of open education practices from around the world. Educators around the globe can come forward to share their motivation, interest and create a dialogue around the open education practices. to follow up their podcasts, you can subscribe to OEG Voices in iTunes or use the podcast feed in any other podcast listening app. The episodes are also accessible via YouTube.

The Learning Hack Podcast

The learning hack podcast aims to help edtech companies understand their audience better. The podcasts addressees how digital technology and scientific discovery is changing the way we learn, train, teach and educate? The podcasts are hosted by John Helmer and follow a theme of conversation with the people who are visioning and actively creating that future. The podcasts are available n Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Libsyn, Stitcher, and Tune In.

Teaching In HigherEd Podcast

This is the space where HigherEd faculty can explore the art and science of being more effective at facilitating learning. The podcasts available also focus on the ways to increase personal productivity, helping educators have more peace in their lives and be even more present for their students. You can access these podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher. 

You’ve Got This By Katie Linder

You’ve Got This is dedicated to helping academics, and higher education professionals seek self-knowledge, playfully experiment, and live core values with intention. It will help education leaders get insights, examples, and advice on meaningful productivity, boosting creativity, and much more. The podcasts can be accessed on Apple Podcasts. 

The Active Learning Podcast by Michael Lampe

The podcast focuses on active learning in higher education, designed for conversations, issues, and challenges relating to higher education. You’ll find interesting podcasts on topics like 3 C’s Of Faculty Development, Assessment in higher education, and more. You can access the podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

The College Info Geek Podcast

The College Info Geek Podcast is geared toward students and improving their studies and every other area of their lives. The episodes featured focus on enhancing productivity, efficient studying, and entering the job sphere for students. Over 300 episodes are available that you can access on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

 Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders is a podcast with lecture series from Stanford University on entrepreneurship. These episodes feature conversations with guest speakers like Guy Kawasaki, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marissa Mayer. This podcast is ideal for people interested in entrepreneurship or who seek to learn from the experiences of some influential entrepreneurs. The podcasts are available on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and RSS.

Encyclopedia Womannica

NYC-based Wonder Media Network offers a fantastic series of great learning podcasts which “aims to lift underrepresented voices, through artful, thoughtful audio.” In Encyclopedia Womannica, Jenny Kaplan, the host, a former Bloomberg reporter and WMM founder, talks us through incredible stories of some amazing women throughout our past, their achievements, contributions and challenges in just 5-7 minutes. These episodes are crisp, well-researched and packed with quality, and the listener gets to look at female politicians, activists, STEMinists, musicians, actresses, and other influential women through history. You can listen to this women’s history podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.

Revisionist History

The author Malcolm Gladwell hosts the educational podcast Revisionist History. In each episode, Gladwell looks speaks about a historical event, an idea from the past, or a key figure, and convey it through the art of storytelling. You can find this excellent history podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.


Discovery is a podcast released about once per week by the BBC News World Service team. It focuses on the world of science. The podcast is ideal for scientifically curious people. Some of the more recent podcasts include how the universe will end, the origin of the modern toilet, a deep dive into the element helium, and how scientists in East Africa are planning to fight future locust swarms. This science podcast can be found at Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

How to Be Awesome at Your Job

This career success-oriented podcast launches a fresh episode once or twice a week. The host, Pete Mockaitis, interviews top career experts and thought leaders from all over, bringing insights from leading minds on essential topics like mastering time management, beating back negativity, building resilience, and more. You can find Pete’s career empowering podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.


Pedagogue is a podcast about teachers. The podcast is dedicated to building a supportive community for educators and helping them by facilitating conversations that move across institutions and positions and are designed to celebrate teachers’ efforts inside and outside the classroom. Pedagogue aims to promote diverse voices at various institutions and help foster community and collaboration among teachers. Each episode is a conversation with a teacher(s) about their writing experiences, work, inspirations, assignments, assessments, successes, and challenges. Pedagogue is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher and on the official website, along with the transcript of each episode.

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