Top 6 Factors To Consider When Choosing A School For Your Child


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Education is your child’s fundamental right. And, it is the utmost responsibility of a parent to ensure that they get the best education. In that regard, choosing a suitable school is the most important decision you have to make as a parent.

That’s because the school your child goes to determines the course of their future. In other words, choosing a school that identifies your child’s potential, nurtures their skills and enables them to become changemakers is essential.

But how can you choose a school that fits your child’s needs, while driving them to do better?

Here are a number of aspects you must consider before selecting a school for your child:

A space that’s conducive to learning

When you’re shortlisting a school for your child, your first priority should be to identify a space that fosters their growth and boosts their development. And, that is only possible if the school has a positive learning environment with supportive teachers who help cultivate the best values in your child. Children can grow and flourish in an environment only if they feel safe and cared for. Hence, evaluate the school’s safety measures and practices against bullying, harassment and punishment. The space must prioritise the well-being of its students while making them feel protected. Besides, the school must have state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-equipped learning areas specially designed to help your child satiate their learning needs. The more inspiring the school is, the better for a child’s career.

Management that’s guided by a leader

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” When you are shortlisting a school that would be responsible for making your children fine adults, choose one that has an incredible leader at the helm. The school principal must be qualified, trained and in a position to inspire, empower and improve student performance. They must also manage data, processes and people for the benefit of the school. As the central source of influence, the principal shows the way to the teachers and leads students by example. Hence, the leader must shape a vision for academic success in the school while creating a positive and encouraging ambience.

A team of teachers that has the capacity and training

Ensuring that your child is mentored by well-trained and professional teachers is crucial for your child’s complete learning experience. Hence, the teachers’ behaviour, personality and outlook should steer the child towards making the most of their time at school. Besides, teachers are responsible for moulding your children to be the best they can be. Checking the teacher credentials, academic achievements or their reputation is a great way to begin, as you’d be trusting your precious children around them. Hence, choosing a school that has trained and qualified teachers is essential. Besides, a school must also have an appropriate teacher-student ratio, so that all children get individualised attention and the chance to grow and flourish in their own unique way.

Curriculum that’s future-ready

You send your child to school to empower them for tomorrow. Learning is no more about theoretical knowledge. Schools should focus on the practical application of that theoretical knowledge to ensure better inculcation. In addition to academic engagements, a good school should have co-curricular activities that fuel the holistic growth of a child with inhouse programs that help them build essential skills of the future. When children take part in creative activities, it fosters their intellectual development, which in turn, gives them an edge. So, choose a school that helps grow your child’s leadership skills, propels their interest in ethics, results in social and personal development while teaching them responsibility and independence. 

Technology that can enhance learning experiences

A school that prioritises learning and development also emphasises state-of-the-art technologies in its quest of delivering education. Digital resources should be used adequately with gamified learning and interactive content. These can help foster imagination in a child while keeping them engaged. When video and multi media are incorporated in learning, to support real-time teaching, the results are impressive. Hence, opt for a school that uses technology to go above and beyond in its mission of delivering a good education. Moreover, with the onset of the pandemic, the need for online learning has increased multifold. Hence, schools that are adept in technology, or willing to learn and keep up with the times, must make the cut.

A system that is crafted for continuous improvement

Remember that choosing a school that is keen to grow, improve and keep up with the times is crucial. There should be regular academic reforms and proper protocols in place that address the need for continuous improvement and execute it effortlessly. For a learning place to be effective, relevant and meaningful, it must keep growing and incorporating improvement in ways that are unprecedented and future-ready.

Besides these factors, parents often choose a school based on its location and the proximity to their house, for reasons of convenience. All in all, pick a school that motivates your child to grow, helps them in their hour of need and maintains communication with you, on a regular basis.

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Author: Prof. Aaditya Lohana

Aaditya Lohana F.C.A., L.L.B. (Gen.)
Ex-Faculty in Finance for Undergrad students at Mithibai college, Mumbai Founder, Lohana’s Test Series
Executive Director, The Acres Foundation
29+ years of rich experience in the Education industry thereby nurturing the right acumen to understand ‘Education as a business’ holistically.

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