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Are you stuck at home away from your music teacher but still want to train to fulfil your music learning goals?

Online tools can help you practice, learn and continue with your music education in these uncertain times. Here, we’ve compiled a list of top apps, web platforms and online music schools that you can invest your time and money in to continue your music learning online with music teachers. 

The list below covers top tools and resources for music education by expert music teachers; from learning instruments, singing lessons, vocals, chords to everything else music-related.

VoCo Vocal Coach

Vocal problems are common among people who love to sing. Vocal coaches can be an expensive thing. Thankfully, we have edtech solutions that can help singers with vocal concerns. VoCo Vocal Coach is a comprehensive singing app available free of cost. 

This app is ideal for singers, students, and professionals who wish to work on their pitch, tone, control, and style. The tool offers industry-grade exercises, arpeggios scales and scales.

Users can adjust the playback pitch based on the voice type, alter the playback speed, create playlists, alter the length of exercises, improvise the starting pitch’s tune, and more. The tool supports four fundamental learning approaches, namely, Vicarious, Experiential, Systematic, and Diagnostic. The best part is you can easily use VoCo in your voice lessons or sessions with a vocal coach. 

Price: Free with in-app purchase

Compatibility: the app is compatible with iOS devices.

Learn to Sing, Sing Sharp

The app offers lessons for people who want to learn singing. It is one of the best singing apps that can easily detect your pitch in real-time and help you fine-tune your pitch faster. 

The app comes with 1000+ exercises and a progress tracking feature that allows the user to focus on training and strengthening voice control. The exercises mainly focus on warm-up, practice vocal range, and sing songs as you embark on the journey to become a better singer. 

Along with free practice and exercises, the app also comes with many perks. For instance, it allows users to apply studio effects when singing in karaoke. Users can also customise songs by adding images and share them easily. Interestingly, the app also has a feature that’ll let you access sing-along songs even from your iTunes music library. The tool is a reliable companion for all those starting to fulfil their dream of singing. 

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android

Prices: Free and paid memberships


Voxtrain is a popular vocal training app. This app can help any singer who wants to understand their voice and improving singing. The app is ideal for getting support from the absolute beginnings, developing the complexities, and understanding the depth of singing through breathing, tone, and control. The app also provides real-time feedback on your pitch as well as has a clean, user-friendly interface. The app also uses videos to engage and help the user. It includes coaching and training aided by diagrams and exercises to practice. This app offers students some interactive enjoyment when improving their singing. The app comes with some essential explanations to get started and advances to the intermediate and advanced courses as you improve your singing further.

Compatibility: Web-based platform

Price: Subscription-based.


Soundfly is a popular name among the music community. The platform offers varied courses for people interested in learning or brushing up on their singing skills. The courses range from Unlocking the Emotional Power of Chords to Modern & Advanced Mix Techniques. The platform stands out for the in-depth knowledge it provides through its qualitative learning materials and its unique mentorship models.

Their mentored courses allow the user to get access to personalised coaching via a knowledgeable musician-coach. The coach will ensure you meet your goals by guiding you through the content, provide regular and real-time feedback and help you create a goal-based learning plan customised as per your needs. The platform also offers free access to several online courses for people who are just beginning and want to explore their interest in art.

Compatibility: Web-based platform

Price: Free and paid courses available

Justin Guitar Beginner Lessons

Justin Guitar Lessons is the app if you want to ace the guitar playing skills. The application is power-packed with features. First and foremost, it provides a fully structured course that is carefully designed to teach basic guitar chords, strumming patterns, fingerpicking patterns, capo, chord changes, scales, and guitar tabs. The course will help any beginner as they start their guitar playing journey. The course is developed under the real guitar coach Justin’s guidance. With a plethora of lessons available to cover all your guitar learning concerns, users can complete more than 50 lessons.

The app also features a self-assessment system that makes it easy for the user to track guitar improvements. And for the song collection, the app has a library of over 1000 hit songs, which seems sorted!

Compatibility: compatible with iOS and Android devices

Price: Free, in-app purchases available

Fender Play

Fender Play is one of the best apps to learn music for beginners. User can pick the instrument among acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, or ukulele, then select the style of music you want to learn. Fenders experts then provide a series of well-produced video lessons that will help you improve your playing and singing. The video lessons are comprehensive and will help you learn music effectively. There are different tiers to advance to, and everything is built off of something that came before.

Compatibility: WebiOSAndroid

Price: Free trial available. Afterwards, it’s priced at $10 per month.

Learn To Sing

The app helps the user learn to sing with the help of several exercises available on the app. The app tells the user how to sing by indicating the correct note and showing the score according to the right pitch. It’s an intuitive way to learn music without knowing the sheet music. The app is equally useful even for professional singers. Through this app, users can learn all the musical notes, intervals, and much more.

Compatibility: Android Devices

Price: Free of cost

Warm Me Up! For Singers

Warm Me Up! For Singers helps singers’ in vocal warm-ups. The app offers more than 50 vocal exercises that fit varied voice types like High and Low Male or High and Low Female. The exercises available are further divided into five categories, i.e., Gentle Start, Getting Warmer, Extending the Range, Mouth Workout, and Tuned Up. The app allows users to create and customise warm-ups as per their needs, availability, and tunes they want to sing. There’s also a simulated grand and a professional singer who will guide the first two repeats. 

Compatibility: Apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

Price: $5.99

Vox Tools

Vox Tools is created by and for singers. The tool is developed by certified professionals in the Speech Level Singing vocal technique. The app allows users to practice using a guided training section with audio media availability. The app also caters to the varied men and women’s voices and will enable users to record voice clips or play a virtual piano. The tool is a keeper for the flexibility it offers. Singers love that they can customise the free training that comes with it. 

Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android 

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Sing True

This tool is the right fit for beginners who aren’t sure about their singing yet. The tool offers over 30 interactive exercises allowing you to train your voice. The app helps you practice, train and gives real-time feedback to work on the gaps so you can sing with confidence and ease. Users can easily Tap into the phone’s microphone, and the app analyses the singing and provides you instant personal feedback. Beginners would find the app helpful and surprised at how quickly they can work on their singing skills.

Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad


The tool works more like a tutoring platform for singers around the world. LessonFace gives the user the ability to connect with seasoned music educators around the world virtually or in real. Users on board can access the library of instructor profiles or be matched by the LessonFace team and learn anything music-related.

Compatibility: Web-based platform 

Price: All educators on the platform quote their prices. 

Music Tutor

The app helps the user improve note reading in both treble and bass clefs. The app uses gamification technology to allow the user to understand identifying notes through a timed game. Playing with this app a few times a week will surely help you memorise notes on and off the staff and improve your overall reading in a fun way.

Compatibility: Apps for Android and iOS are available. 

Price: Free with in-app purchases 

Busy Works Beats

Busy Work Beats is a top choice for non-traditional music students to learn what they need and skip what they don’t. Cutting through the Eurocentric traditions to fast track modern producers into an informed, empowered understanding of music theory which they can use in creating their music. The best part of the tool is their unusual, accessible approach to music theory fundamentals using numbers to represent semitones.

Compatibility: Web-based platform with apps for iOS and Android are available. 

Price: Works on a freemium model.  

Vanido: Learn to Sing

Vanido is one of the best singing apps for people who want to learn to sing. The app offers daily lessons, progress tracking and scope for a lot of customisations. This power-packed tool helps the user improve their voice through engaging lessons on the app. Users can start slow by customising each training session as per their vocal range. Besides the daily sessions, users can also do goal-based exercises and sing their hearts out while targeting and improving specific elements like chest, flexibility, or head voice. The app provides real-time feedback as you sing and comes with a clean, user-friendly interface.

Compatibility: Available on iOS  

Price: Paid, yearly or monthly subscriptions available

Ear Trainer Lite

Ear Trainer Lite is an educational tool ideal for musicians, music students and anyone interested in improving their musical ear. The app offers exercises covering intervals, chords and scales. The Lite version has 32 practices, while the full version offers over 200 activities. Since Ear training is an essential skill all musicians need, this app can help you work on that skill and improvise as required.

Compatibility: Available for iOS devices

Price: Free with in-app purchases 


Designed by expert music teachers, Yousician can help you learn and enhance your music skills to a great level. The app covers several aspects, including piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, and singing and can work as a virtual music teacher. The best part about this app is that it allows users to play thousands of songs on real instruments and give instant feedback on the accuracy and timing. The curriculum is designed in step-by-step video tutorials. Users can watch them and learn at their own pace. This flexibility helps students at all levels. And the best part is the gameplay it offers, where you can lock horns with your friends in a weekly challenge adding fun into learning.

Compatibility: The tool is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

Price: Free, in-app purchases available

EarMaster – Music Theory & Ear Training

The app is ideal for people with intermediate knowledge of music and its elements. This app is designed to build and help you develop your aural skills in rhythm and pitch identification. The app covers it all, learning from basic rhythmic and pitch understanding and simple interactive questions to advanced knowledge of chord progressions, interval identification and sight-reading and sight-singing of far higher complexity. Each lesson available will take you through a brief explanation of the topic, followed by completing a listening and response task. The user must cover all tasks from the subject topic to move to the next chapter of the curriculum. EarMaster is an excellent tool for ear training, sight-singing and rhythm at all skill levels, from beginner to very advanced.

Compatibility: Web-based platform, the app is available for iOS devices.  

Price: Free with added features on a paid premium version  

Piano – Play Unlimited Songs

This app can be your go-to platform if piano learning is what you’re looking for. It comes with a vast catalogue of songs across various genres such as rock, pop, kids, pop, rap, and more to find your best pick. The app offers the user the ability to play a song at the preferred difficulty level, making it easier to learn the nuances of piano based on your expertise. Users can also do goal-based practices at a personalised pace and create music. The fun part is that the better you perform, the more scores you get, lucrative rewards! You can also invite your buddies for a duel and have fun while learning the piano. `

Compatibility: Compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases. 

Learn Guitar with Uberchord

If guitar learning is what you are looking for, you must give this tool from Uberchord a try. The tool comes with a well-structured curriculum that will teach you chords, rhythms, and songs systematically. With over 200 titles, the app has a wide variety to cater for your music taste. For better control, the user is recommended to learn each part separately. And once you have got a good hang of the whole song, you can go for the full drill. The app also helps you track progress by adapting to your taste and offering tips to help you improve. This insight provided by the app allows you to spot the areas which need more attention quickly. Since finger correction plays a crucial role in mastering the guitar, the app also offers visual feedback for the same.

Compatibility: compatible with iOS devices.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available.


This app aims to help young children but can work well as a starting point for anyone who wants to learn music. Starting with the basics of musical instruction, the tool helps users understand and learn to recognise notes, pitches, rhythm, and melody. Since it’s geared towards a younger crowd, the app offers simplistic stuff and can help understand some of the theories behind learning any musical instrument.

Compatibility: The app is available for iOS and Android devices. 

Price: $10.99 for Android devices and $3.99 for iOS devices. 

Shankar Mahadevan Academy

Shankar Mahadevan has started his academy to offers music education through his online music academy, a well-renowned name in the Indian music industry and a global music icon. The academy provides high-quality music education to students at the comfort and convenience of their own. The academy has over 11000 students across 47 countries. Anybody interested to learn music can enrol and opt from the range of courses available. The online classes are led by their expert instructors and offers certificate programs in Indian Classical music, including Carnatic and Hindustani. The academy also provides self-study online programs in Hindi music songs, devotional music and other popular forms of Indian music. Students on board also access a student portal, a week-by-week study guide, the OM Book, unlimited singing practice with recording tools, and regular expert feedback on recordings to identify gaps and improve.

Compatibility: Web-based platform 

Price: Pricing varies depending upon courses.  

Furtados School of Music 

Having imparted music education to over 75,000 students in the last decade, FSM is an established institution for music education in India. The school has now entered the online world and offers interactive online music classes.

Students can master any instrument of their choice through Furtados School of Music’s accessible online music courses. The online classes offer a 360° extra-ordinary online music learning experience and are led by certified experts that’ll help you achieve your music goals. 

Compatibility: Web-based platform 

Price: Pricing varies depending upon courses. 

Do mention the apps and tools you use to learn music digitally in the comments section below. 


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