Top In-Demand Skills For 2022


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The shelf life of the skill set is decreasing with advancing technology.

With every new year, we see reports and surveys highlighting the top skills one must learn.

With skill-sets getting old, here we have a list of the top in-demand skills for 2022 and how you can start your journey to learn these skills.

Data Science

British mathematician and Tesco marketing mastermind Clive Humby said, “Data is the new oil”. It’s as accurate as it can be, as people and industries around the globe today are heavily relying on data. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are continuously working on data analysis, and it is the amount of data they possess adds to the power they have. It is impossible to imagine a work industry without data sciences now. Data scientists have been in demand for some time, and as we continue to explore and understand the power and importance of data, this is one skill that will be highly in need for the coming years.

All sectors, such as healthcare, finance, logistics, e-commerce, and more, are looking for a workforce equipped with data analysis skills or professionals called data scientists. A data scientist’s job is collecting and making sense of the data through a process that involves evaluation to understand user behavior and work on actionable insights. Data scientists add a lot of value to the company by providing insights gained from the data. Through their analytical skills and strong programming knowledge, data scientists can solve many different problems for the company and help the enterprise use their data for better output and services.

How To Start Learning: many companies are providing training to their employees in data science. Companies can do so by teaching their workforce programming, imparting knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and a general understanding of business context and problems. Individuals who want to acquire the skill set can explore interactive online courses that will help them grip Data Science. Some platforms that offer a range of courses to learn from include EmeritusUdemyedX, and upGgrad.

Artificial Intelligence

Neural networks, Machine learning, supervised learning are a few new-age terms that have become the real buzzwords in the tech generation. As the computer scientist Dr. Andrew Ng. said, “if data is the new oil, AI is the new electricity.”

With the growing amount of data, Applications for AI are becoming broader and more profound. AI is no longer a side topic but is increasingly taking the main seat. AI is slowly becoming a general approach to problem-solving, and it is pretty evident in our daily lives. For instance, maps and navigation, digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google Now, chatbots, Face detection, and more. Machine learning algorithms can help businesses work on estimates and costs for the more significant benefit of the organization and customers. “AI has the potential to transform every industry and to create huge economic value” – Dr. Andrew Ng.

How To Start Learning: AI professionals require a solid foundation in software design, statistics, programming as well as engineering, to name a few areas. To acquire AI skills, one has to be familiar with many other skills or learn additional skills. AI programs are usually long-term courses. Here’s a list of AI learning programs by Coursera you can explore to find your best fit.

Digital Marketing        

Digital Marketing is one of the highest demanded skills for the year that went by, and it’ll continue to be one of the top in-demand skills for the next few years to come. It’s entirely because of the digital transformation we have gone under ever since the pandemic started. Since things have moved online and there’s rapid adoption of online marketplaces, OTT platforms, social media, ride-sharing apps, and more, digital marketing is one skill anyone can add to their skills set and add more excellent value to their profile. Professionals will have many options to specialize in certain areas in digital marketing like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, traffic data analysis, and more.

How To Start Learning: If you’re entirely new to the concept of Digital Marketing, we highly recommend you to understand the basics through YouTube, reading blogs, books and learn about it from online gurus. Since the skillset is highly demanded, you’ll find excellent relevant resources to learn it. Alternatively, you can also enroll in online programs that cover all the digital marketing levels and areas depending upon your knowledge base.   

Cloud Computing

Knowledge has predicted that Cloud Computing will be one of the most in-demand skills of 2022. It includes everything from building a cloud platform to maintaining it. Cloud technology is commonly used, to name a few; Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox are just a few common examples that you might be familiar with. These services and products are in demand not only for their customers but also for business enterprises. Working with cloud technology can lead to various positions like cloud developer, auditor, and architect. The three main types of cloud services include Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

How To Start Learning: Anyone looking to learn cloud computing must first know Web Services & APIs, IT & Data Security, and Data Migration. 


Blockchain is the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. To put it simply, it is a decentralized system in which information is stored, and thus, it serves as a database. What gives it an edge over other technologies that deal with data is that information held is immutable and very well secured. The high degree of privacy and security involved makes this technology very attractive and is highly used in industries that deal with sensitive data, e.g. healthcare, finance, and government. And with an ever-increasing amount of data, blockchain is the perfect solution for missing data privacy and storage.

How To Start Learning: To work in the blockchain industry, one should have complete knowledge of data structures, cryptography, smart contracts, and, obviously, blockchain itself.

Apart from these tech skills, stress management and innovation management are the soft skills we look forward to in the workforce for 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced us to the rapid changes in our environment and forced us to define the new normal for us. It came as a challenge and struggle for some with no other option. The coming century will be determined by the rapid emergence and development of new technologies in the digital world. The ongoing digital transformation redefines the way we function, professionally and personally, faster than ever. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that companies and their workforce keep up with the dynamic nature of technology, its tools, and learning methods. The key to ensuring a smooth functioning is innovation management to stay relevant, competitive, and successful in changing market dynamics. The innovation managers of tomorrow will highly focus on encouraging companies and the workforce to engage in Product Discovery, Design Sprints, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup creating, delivering, and capturing the real value in the organization.

On the other hand, stress management is the topmost and the essential skill that would be expected from all to benefit one and all. As per the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Mental illness is currently the third most crucial cause of incapacity to work in Germany. With stress management in action, workers will learn strategies to endure stressful situations better. The ultimate goal is to improve their resilience, i.e., coping with stress. This becomes even more important as we lead to the times that will witness a fast-spacing and rapidly changing environment calling for rapid professional training to prevent mental health issues.

Do share your take on the top skills you think will dictate 2022!

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