Vedantu Launches Non-Academic Courses With V-Nurture & Super School for Holistic Development of Students


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Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online learning, has launched V-Nurture and Super School programs, an initiative for students to achieve all-round development as well as experience enriching programs apart from the regular academic courses.21st

The V-Nurture and Super School are scientifically designed by the best academicians and industry experts to unlock a student’s hidden potential beyond academics. It offers extra-curricular activities for students from kindergarten to grade 13, such as non-scholastic courses, clubs, events, career counseling, financial literacy, and workshops for students and parents.

The V-Nurture program provides young minds an opportunity to develop and build 21st-century skills like personality development, public speaking, critical thinking, leadership, and soft skills, as well as boost creativity for students from Grades 6-13.

Super School offers free-for-all live master classes on yoga, storytelling, arts, crafts, STEM, general awareness, and much more starting from kindergarten until grade 8. The goal of the initiative is to provide free access to high-quality extra-curricular and co-curricular content for all students for free taught by experts in their respective fields.

These sessions are hosted on Vedantu’s LIVE and interactive W.A.V.E platform, designed to keep learners engaged through interactive features like Live quizzes, HotSpot, Leaderboard, Sounds through actions, Rewards, Showering stars, and so on.

Speaking about the initiative, Anand Prakash, Co-founder & Head of Academics, Vedantu, said,

“Indian parents have become more progressive and open to differential forms of learning for their child. Through V-Nurture & Super School, we want to provide a platform that offers a variety of interesting post-class activities that help in boosting a child’s emotional, behavioral, and overall development. At Vedantu, we are committed to creating an enriching environment for our students and firmly believe that learning is not limited to any subject or syllabus. With V-Nurture & Super School, we intend to provide new opportunities in the form of co-curricular activities to help our students grow, learn and blossom.”

Online learning and schooling have come to play a significant part in a student’s life. In the past year, students and teachers have navigated through the digital medium to render classes and impart knowledge. With schools being shut, the extra classes on art, craft, and music that offered a break and helped students hone their personality have become a secondary choice as academic subjects are of priority. To ensure that students enjoy classes and develop their interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skills, Vedantu introduced V-Nurture & Super School to address this gap and provide students with a platform where they can express their talent beyond academics.

Vedantu, through this program, will continue to inspire and challenge students to develop new skills and do better in all walks of life. All the programs are extremely personalized, interactive, and best fit for an individual’s growth curve. V-nurture sessions are conducted by Master Teachers and students can explore from various non-academic courses like Folk & International Art, Entrepreneurship, Be a Creative Writer, Public Speaking, Vedic Maths, Personality Development, World of Astronomy, Art Journaling, Two secrets to be an Achiever, Learn science with DIY experiments, Introduction to debating, Sanskrit Language, Basics of Hand Drawing, Self Defence, and Financial Literacy, among others.

For more info about V-Nurture & Super School courses, one can visit and navigate to Extracurricular free live masterclasses or join its platform and get access to V Nurture’s courses. For Super School, students can go to its Masterclass page, select ‘grade’ and ‘extracurricular’ as a subject and have access to these classes.

Vedantu offers individual and group classes across K-12 and test preparation segments. Students can take individual or group classes on its platform. Classes are delivered in a LIVE real-time, interactive online learning environment. Students and parents can access free content, LIVE masterclasses across subjects, micro-courses, and daily assessments.

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