Camu Announces Upgraded Learning Management System For Improved Academic Governance


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Chennai, August 18, 2021 – Camu, a leading EdTech solution with a Unified Student Information System and Learning Management Solution from Octoze Technologies, announced today, the formal launch of its refreshed Learning Management System (LMS 2.0), scheduled to be available later this month to institutions across the globe.

With the aim of enhancing the teaching and learning experience and enabling complete autonomy and self-sufficiency, the company has introduced smarter and more intuitive features into its technology gamut. The new LMS comes with an array of added benefits including heightened access, seamless navigation, instant shareability, and limitless storage.

“We have leveraged the power of a unified Student Information System and Learning Management System, to offer an engaging learning experience and the ability to manage the student life-cycle without boundaries”, says Swami AR, Co-founder & CEO, Octoze Technologies Pvt Ltd.

By placing the user at the centre of product design, Camu’s software specialists have been successful at building a pedagogical solution that is compatible with all educational stakeholder requirements, making it especially attractive in the current scenario of remote learning, blended learning and hybrid learning.

LMS 2.0 grants institutions the convenience and flexibility of accessing multiple types of data in one singular place, be it text, images or videos. It further allows for more efficient collaboration between academicians and departments, thereby improving process synergy and workflow. Additionally, it enables the creation and distribution of content instantly and automatically. Mobile-first empowers students and teachers to initiate a number of tasks on the go. From setting assignments to taking quizzes, mediating discussions to publishing grades, gratification is only a click away.

“Camu LMS 2.0 scales with the institution, offers heightened access, seamless navigation, instant shareability, and limitless storage”, Swami reiterates. “Our unified SIS & LMS system helps Instructors track learner progress and performance with ease and simplicity”.


Given Camu’s proven track record in guiding institutions to achieve operational excellence, we can’t wait to see the impact that LMS 2.0 has on universities and colleges worldwide.

LMS 2.0 is all set to be introduced into the market on 18th August 2021.

About Camu

The flagship product, Camu, is a cloud solution offered in the SaaS model for both, the web and mobile platforms. Camu offers an Integrated Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) with a framework that enables Institutions to easily adopt modern learning concepts such as Outcome-Based Education (OBE), Competency-based learning, and the Flexible Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). Camu has a client base of over 400+ Institutions and 1 million students and a presence across 7 Countries.

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