How Hobby Learning Can Enhance Your Child’s Productivity


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Off late, one phrase is being spotted very often on search engines – best hobbies that increase children productivity. Parents want holistic growth for their kids. And essentially, for optimum development, kids should have a balance of vocational skills and academics as both complement each other.

However, while some parents burden their kids with several hobbies, some parents are even apprehensive of putting their kids to hobby classes.

In this article, we will see how the best hobbies that increase children’s productivity can make the kids smarter and more confident.

Parent’s Concerns

A lot of parents ask – “why should we put our kids to hobby classes?” “What are the prospects of learning a hobby?” “Won’t it be a distraction from studies?” “There is already so much pressure on kids from school. What is the point in burdening them with a hobby?”

And the latest being the Covid-19 scare – “how to send the kids outside the house for hobby classes?”

No matter what your concern might be for not sending your kids to hobby classes, we have got you covered. Make sure to read this article till the end and chances are that you would change your opinion about hobby classes.

So, for a while take your mind off the concerns and try to look at the perks of learning a hobby. Do you know the benefits of children learning a musical instrument? Or for that matter, dance, vocal music, or fine arts? The benefits are of a much higher magnitude than the materialistic gains.

Best Hobbies For Kids To Achieve All-Round Development

Hobbies help to enhance the overall performance and productivity of a child. It makes them sharper and more receptive which eventually helps them to be confident and excel in their studies. Thanks to technology, there are several hobbies for kids to pick up while staying home. Just like the online academic classes, you can now engage your kids with online hobby classes. These online classes offer individual as well as group sessions. The best hobbies that increase children productivity are –

  • Vocal Music
  • Instrumental music
  • Art

Hobbies Help to Increase Concentration in Children

It is almost impossible to tame the energy of a toddler. They are all over the place, constantly looking for or exploring something or the other. And if his energy has not been channelized properly at the right time, it becomes increasingly challenging to make them focus on his studies. Hence, it is best to find him a job that keeps both his mind and body engaged. And hobbies do a splendid job in this regard.

The best hobbies for kids that help to calm their minds are music and art. Instrumental music deserves a special mention here. Many parents ask what age a child should learn a musical instrument. Ideally, the right time for starting music is the prenatal stage.

The best music mentors say that if you want your kids to be good at instrumental music, you need to prepare their ears for it. If the parents play instrumental music or listen to music from the time of pregnancy and the child grows up in an environment where music is a part of their life, it helps them to prepare their ears for music. Otherwise, any hobby can be taken up at any age.

Hobbies Help to Enhance the Emotional IQ of a Child

What meditation is for adults, hobbies are for kids. It makes their minds calm. Music, beats, and colors have an incredibly positive impact on the mind. And when it is initiated at a tender age, it enhances the strength of the mind. It makes kids more sensitive, empathetic, and resilient. So, if your kid is trained in any of the skills among music, dance, and art, expect him/ her to be strong enough to take challenges head-on.

Hobbies Help to Develop Cognitive Skills Faster and Better

Right from holding a pencil, to listening attentively or speaking clearly – a child struggles at every stage in his early years. Kids who start learning a hobby outsmart kids who don’t learn a hobby. Their cognitive skills develop faster than other kids.

A child who starts drawing in his early years will write faster and cleaner than other kids. Similarly, kids who learn instrumental or vocal music will have a commendable concentration level and the early dancers will develop poise and grace in the way they conduct themselves with people.

Hobbies Help to Develop Perseverance

It is a revered belief in the music, dance, and art fraternity that one has to be bestowed with the blessings of Saraswati to be capable of learning or performing any of the art forms. Indeed, these skills require serious dedication and perseverance. The concepts like shortcuts or quick fixes just do not exist in this part of the world. The only word here is Sadhana. And while being trained at any one of these skills, the kids imbibe these values that help them to maintain integrity in all spheres of life.

Career From a Hobby

It is natural for parents to be concerned about the academic progress of the child because it is the traditional route to a successful career. A career in music, dance, or fine arts seems to be unpredictable and hence, better be deemed as the ‘road not taken.’ However, with proper guidance and direction, deserving students can even reach the stars.

If kids devote themselves to any of these skills from a tender age, then sky or rather beyond sky would be the limit for them. There are several examples of musicians such as Pt. Ravishankar, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Birju Maharaj, Thakumuni Kutty, Uday Shankar, MF Hussain, Subodh Gupta… the list is endless. If you want it, if you love it, you will get it.

Food for the Soul

If you don’t want your kids to take up the hobby as their career or if the kids don’t show that kind of potential in it, even then, parents need to take the kids to a hobby class. The importance of hobbies in child development can’t be ignored. Just think of it for a while – going ahead, academics are not going to be any easier for the kids. The pressure will only increase, the mindless and ruthless rat race for marks will burn them out at the end of the day. Going further, as a millennial parent, you have already tasted the fruits of a traditional career. In such a scenario, having an extra skill like music, dance or art will give them solace. It will help them to find self-worth at times of despair.

Any form of fine art touches your soul. It’s for nothing that they say – music connects you to God. And this is an asset no one can take away from you. It will only mature, blossom, and enrich with time.

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